Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A White Christmas? It's Possible, Just Barely

Coastal Vancouver Island, at least the bottom half, is not a place where you expect to be greeted with a blanket of snow on Christmas morning. Oh there's usually snow on the mountains inland but it's different near the water.

This year? This year we're looking at the possibility of snow on the 24th with an overnight low of -1 and a high on Christmas Day of just 1C.

Either way there'll be no need for the snow shovel with rain returning on the 26th and continuing straight through to May.


rumleyfips said...

Here in Nova Scotia we got a bit of snow last night but it may go with the rain for the next couple of days. Christmas is forecast as sunny, windy and +9. Saturnalian reversal indeed.

Anonymous said...

I checked the regional forecasts for our region and Dec 24th's reported high is +17C and Dec 25th's high +8C. Given that there is no snow here at the moment, the probability of having a white Christmas appears to be near zero. Unless Mr.Jetstream makes some radical moves in the next few days, which seems unlikely.

The Mound of Sound said...

It was predicted that this year's mega-El Nino would result in mild winter conditions in central and eastern North America and that does seem to be playing out. The west coast, however, was forecast to be drier and warmer and, so far at least, that hasn't happened.

Anonymous said...

Southern BC is ,historically, due for a big snowfall.
With a large amount of moisture in the air through the large El Nino effect I don't doubt we will have some snow.
The amount of snow we receive will be a cause for much discussion!

Lorne said...

I do believe that we in southern Ontario are experiencing what passes for normal on the West Coast, Mound. Now I understand your satisfaction at living in Lotos Land. BTW, there are no forecasts for snow in my neck of the woods.

The Mound of Sound said...

Jeebus, Lorne, I just saw Weather Network forecasts for eastern Canada for the 24th. 17C in Ontario? In December? On Christmas eve? I'm glad that Enviro Can is stressing this isn't just this massive El Nino. It's that plus climate change.