Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Let's Not Get Drawn Into Erdogan's Tissue of Lies.

There's talk today that Turkey's NATO allies, Canada included, will be rallying to Ankara's side to defend Turkey against those awful Russians and their affront to Turkey's sovereign airspace.

I wonder if bullshit is too strong a word?

A couple of days ago Canada's former air attache to Turkey pretty much outed Erdogan as a damned liar. That seems consistent with this report from Politico last July about how routinely Turkey trespasses other nations' airspace, especially the Greeks'. And we all know how fond Erdogan is of sending Turkish fighter bombers into Iraq's sovereign airspace to bomb the Kurds in the north.

Erdogan is making chumps out of other NATO leaders, Trudeau included.


LeDaro said...

Mound. something strange happened and your correspondence with me has disappeared. Kindly send me a short e-email so that I may keep your e-mail address.

Anonymous said...

More NATO defence budget profits come from supporting Turkey and not the evil empire.
Asshole and egotist Putin really does offer an (odd) ray of hope in these strange days of the demise of the Western world.
With each passing day it becomes more known of the reasons for the instability in the middle east.
Tony Blair admits to 'errors" of judgement and H Bush defends his son for the bad decisions made to invade Iraq.
All this just before the much delayed Chilcot inquiry!
We live in a world of smokescreens; complicit MSM defending the status quo.
When I was young we were told not to believe state controlled / influenced
USSR media such as Pravda!
I don't speak Russian; could Pravda translate to FOX news or National Post?

The Mound of Sound said...

I suspect you might be right, Anon.

Northern PoV said...

off topic .......... big news we ain't hearing much about:

"The Chinese renminbi joins the IMF’s reserve-currency basket"

Good? Bad?

The end of BRICS as potential healthy alternative to IMF/World Bank thuggery?

Good for 'world peace" or just bad for the 3rd world?

Anonymous said...

Erdogan has been the Turkish equivalent of Harper for quite some time, only he is now more advanced than Stevie ever was. A mild clubbing over the heads of dissidents in his own country, the dissolution of his party's lost June election and the snap election held earlier in November to return his party to power in the assembly by courting fear in the populace, all point to a demagogue. Frankly, I'd believe Putin over Erdogan, and that's saying something.

The US backed him up on the Russian jet shootdown, but grudgingly. They know they have what the Brits call "a right one" in Erdogan, a bullshit artist of the first order. Dangerous and unwilling to back down. But so is Putin, and in a horserace, we all know who'd win at a canter.

LeDaro said...

Mound, Turkey and Erdogan is becoming a real headache for NATO countries.