Friday, December 04, 2015

An Eye-Opener from Brookings Institute

There's a Brookings survey of American attitudes toward the Middle East.

One question asked respondents who was the world leader they most admired.

In first place, not surprisingly, was Barack Obama, 16%. Reagan claimed second with 7%.

Third place honours went to Benjamin Netanyahu at 6%, just a bit shy of Reagan. Vlad Putin cinched fifth at 3%. Sandwiched between and betwixt Netanyahu and Putin was Pope Francis in fourth place at 5%.

Really, Pope Francis in 4th, trailing Netanyahu. There is something seriously f__ked up with those people.

Here's a link to the report findings.


Owen Gray said...

Seems to me that survey helps explain Donald Trump's popularity, Mound.

Unknown said...

ditto to Owens comment.

Anonymous said...

Based on a national sample, the poll also includes a substantial sample of Evangelical Christians—enabling an expansive analysis of this increasingly important segment of the American electorate.

WOW; then we really are f**ked.
Sadly when life becomes complicated and people are faced with unpleasant facts such as our leaders are incompetent, purveyors of mass murder or reckless industrialists then people , worldwide, turn to faith as it is easier to accept than fact or reason.

LeDaro said...

Interesting!I agree with Owen as well, Mound.

Netanyahu making top 5 is amazing. He does run foriegn policy of the west.