Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Phillie Mayor Sums Up Donald Trump in One Word - You Won't Want to Miss It.

It's the "Trump Phenomenon" and Philadelphia mayor, Michael Nutter, captures it in one almost elegant (for Trump) word.

A 'nasshole'? Not sure I've heard of such a thing. Must be something the kids made up. I'm sure we didn't have any nassholes back in my day.

What's that? Oh, oh okay, yeah, I get it. We did have more than a few of those back then too. Only Trump's seems bigger, all-consuming in a way.

BTW - you know where Trump got all his stats about Muslim extremism and disloyal, even treacherous Muslim-Americans? He got it from this guy, his fellow sphincter, the major domo of batshit crazy, neo-con conspiracy theorists, Frank Gaffney. This raging Islamophobe is straight out of Sideshow Steve Harper's tailpipe.

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