Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Mona and the Age of Reason

The interim Tory leader, Mona Anderson er, Rona Ambrose gave Canadians a sneak peek at what the official opposition has in store for the Liberal government today when she blurted out that "rich kid" Justin Trudeau should pay for the nannies who care for his children.

Mona seems to be channeling her own American Idol, Michelle Bachmann, another flaming idiot with oh so big hair.  Really, Mona, that's it? Trudeau has announced a bucketful of legislative initiatives and you have to go for the nanny thing?

The CBC is offering up a dandy clip that has Tony Clement jumping on the nanny bandwagon. This would be the very same Clement who plastered his riding with $50-million in feel good handouts prior to the Toronto G20 summit. How many friggin nannies can you but with 50-million loonies, Tony? You hopeless peckerhead.

The New Dems couldn't wait to play the nanny card either. Then again now that they've reclaimed the cellar spot (probably in perpetuity) they have to take whatever they can get.

Isn't it nice that the Greens can find other things to talk about, things that actually matter to the country? Go Lizzie May, go!


bcwaterboy said...

Has Mona and her crew of misfits learned nothing from the election campaign? As a lot, we're tired of this petty schoolyard stuff and its time to turn our attention to real issues. The "rich kid" line is telling in that they haven't nor seem to ever want to get over the abysmal failure and millions spent on their stupid "Justin's not ready" campaign. That said, keep the stupid coming as it may seal the fate of this disastrous political party.

Toby said...

Sorry but I live in outer space. What's the Mona Anderson reference?

The Mound of Sound said...

Toby. Some time our paths may cross and, when that happens, I'll tell you all about Mona.

Kirbycairo said...

This will all amount to nothing in the long run. But, wow, could a scandal (as small as it is) be more tailor made for a guy like Trudeau? I mean, after telling us so many times that the rich don't need subsidized childcare and then being the first in line to accept it is a pithy moment of irony. And if the rumour is true, that these "nannies" are receiving near minimum wages, the ironies only deepen. It is funny that when it comes to gender parity in the Cabinet it is 2015 but when it comes to properly compensating childcare workers (who are overwhelmingly women) it is still 1950. As for Mona, you can bet she would employ all the minimum wage workers she could get her hands on at the taxpayer's expense to dote on her every need so I wish she would just shut her mouth and go back to reading Ayn Rand.

Dana said...

They're paid out of the general household budget, like the chef, the gardener, the cleaning staff. Perhaps they shouldn't have any of those either.

Perhaps in his spare time Justin should take a welding course or a carpentry course and get on with those renovations of 24 Sussex himself rather than suck the taxpayers dry. And why do we pick up the tab for his security detail. He should pay that too.

Maybe Sophie should be a stay at home mom and not accompany her husband anywhere. Our society has already established the value of a mother's work at zero dollars so that would be a savings.

What a foolish, inconsequential fart of a "scandal". It makes the major news media look like idiots even shallower than previously thought.

That the empty headed reactionary members of what used to be a rigourously intellectual political party of the left have chosen to chirp from the same hymnbook as Mona just confirms my belief that the NDP is a seedless husk.

The Mound of Sound said...

What's that noise I hear? Oh, of course, it's barrel scraping.

I do have some sympathy for Mulcair. He's now going to have to "out-opposition" Mona. We've seen how that plays out in the States. Mona can play Trump and say crazy, mindless shit and Tommy can play Huckabee and chase her with even crazier shit. The next couple of years could turn into quite a circus of the absurd.

Some senior Tories have been in the news saying they want to take their time finding a permanent leader. I think once they realize they've developed "trench brain" they might change their tune.

deb said...

Dana. perfectly said/written. I agree and I wish the media would cease spreading the stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Trudeau earns $327,400. Let's assume that salaries only of those 2 nannies would be 70k. In percentage terms that is similar to what some Canadian families pay for daycare for their children.
Any problem with my math?

The Mound of Sound said...

A..non. I wouldn't have a clue about either your math or your point.

Anonymous said...

"Let me be crystal clear," my point is that Trudeau Jr. should pay for his children nannies salaries. He earns enough and inherited enough too.

The Mound of Sound said...

You're quite entitled to your opinion, A..non, but I don't share it. Much is demanded of a prime minister and his/her spouse that is not required of ordinary louts such as you and me. I think this is well deserved and to begrudge them this is awfully petty which I hope won't come to characterize the opposition parties.

Anonymous said...

Opinion Mound is one thing, but no one is entitled to his own facts.
I stand by my math.
I have no beef with other perks like nannies' cost of travel, etc., which could be explained by the fact that "much is demanded of a prime minister and his/her spouse" although lots of parents have to travel extensively to put food on the table while kids stay home...

Dana said...

Is that Pierre Polievre cloaked in anonymity?

Shrivel up and die you little turd.