Monday, December 21, 2015

Nicely Put. The Final Word on Duffy and the Immaculate Bribe

Who better to tell the tale than a former Crown counsel? The National (Vancouver) Observer's Sandy Garossino has a brilliant summation of why the Cavendish Cottager will walk on the only significant charge against him - bribery.

The Crown, Garossino writes, simply threw in the towel on a losing case.


VULT CULT said...

To me it's similar to the Scooter Libby case here in the US. There was a crime committed, but the administration in charge wasn't interested really in prosecuting so they did their best to hopefully have it go away fast.

And even though guilty verdict was returned, the sentence was largely commuted by the very same administration that was both 1) involved in the crime, and 2) the prosecution.

It's very similar here I think - as long as Harper gets away the current Crown is on point I think to do as little as possible to make it go away quickly and be forgotten.

The Mound of Sound said...

From what I've heard the Crown (Holmes) didn't like this case from the get go. However he's a servant of the Crown, in this case in right of Ontario, and has to perform the job he's given.

There's no way that the prosecutor is in league with anyone either in Queen's Park or Parliament Hill. That sort of thing could bring down a government and it isn't worth the risk. It should, however, be a lasting anchor round the neck of the RCMP commish who must have pulled the strings.

Owen Gray said...

The real story then, appears to be that Nigel Wright walked. It helps to have friends in high places, Mound.

The Mound of Sound said...

I suspect you're right, Owen. After being 'sacked' by Harper, Wright stayed around Ottawa for many months. He circulated in Tory circles. I was told at that time that Nigel made it clear wherever he went that he wasn't going to be taken down on this and that, if he was charged, he wouldn't lie. That sounds as though he was saying he'd bring down everyone else in on it, including senior PMO staff and, perhaps, Harper.

I've always suspected the "Immaculate Bribe" charge was designed specifically to take Wright and the others off the hook while giving Harper the political cover of a prosecution of Duffy. It's telling that, once the RCMP 'cleared' Wright, Wright cleared out of Ottawa.

Anonymous said...

I have a dream....

after a certain former PM steps down from Parliament, charges are filed regarding said bribe and other concerns.

VULT CULT said...

"That sort of thing could bring down a government and it isn't worth the risk. "

I think you'll find a lot of Canadians had it on their minds when the went to vote this year.

And as far as prosecutors not towing a political line of sorts - I tend to think it happens a lot more often then we realize. The simple fact that Duffy wasn't asked about the check is proof no one in any of Harper's circles was going down. Well who was supposed to ask Duffy the question in a court of law, other than the prosecutor?

Meanwhile Harper (like Dubya/Cheney) and most his operatives ride off into the sunset without any convictions. People like this don't care what others think, so their 'reputations' and 'legacies' are irrelevant because they know they'll never be held accountable for the crimes they committed while in office.

Steve said...

players play and people pay, and so it goes, and so it goes.

rumleyfips said...

From the start, the crown seemed peeved at the task allotted them ( can't be good for their careers or reputation ). Crown witness after crown witness testified for the defence : don't have to live on the $4000 property; presigned forms the norm etc.

One factoid from Duffy near the end , the black ops bit , may also have been a trigger for the masters of the universe to shut the cross examination down. Can't expose the backroom boys to the light now; can we ? I see someone wants the robocall investigation reopened. I'd be in favour but I won't hold my breath.