Monday, May 02, 2016

Back in Business !! Just in Time For Summer Boating Season

Vancouver's Kitsilano Coast Guard Station is back in business as of today. The facility that provides ready response rescue for the area's boating crowd and freighters was shuttered by Stephen Harper, ostensibly to cut costs. Few bought that tall tale especially when it came in conjunction with Harper's lay offs designed to blind Fisheries and Oceans monitors responsible for safeguarding our marine habitat.

I may not have many good things to say about the Trudeau government lately but kudos are in order for this. Thank you, Mr. Trudeau. Well done.


Pamela Mac Neil said...

You call them as you see them Mound, good or bad. I'm glad today was a good one.

the salamander said...

.. the queer Kisilano Closing Speech of Stephen Harper was a stunning headscratcher.. and Harper spoke less and less off the cuff after it. He may even have been somewhat drunk or was sleepless in Seattle prior.. but it was a roundabout circle jerk anchored with the term 'the paramouncy' .. and how closure of such Coast Guard Station was based on wise decisions on how to actually put more boats in the water.. huh.. ? It was all bullshit of course - this was the era of closing science libraries - getting rid of those troublesome wildlife biologists and fisheries scientists.. cowardly using his thousands of government lawyers to delay any attempt to force his government to actually act on their mandate to defend endangered species or habitat.

The Mound of Sound said...

It was a pretty dark era, Sal, that we can only hope never to see repeated.

BTW - what do you think of that hovercraft?

the salamander said...

That Coast Guard 'boat' looks like it rocks Mound.. a hovercraft y'say ? Twin fan powered.. ! Hell, better than an F-35 ! And probably cost far less than a weekly media buy of Economic Action ads that saved nobody.. .. ! Or would have funded the Small Lakes Experimental station for 10 years..

By the by.. here's the drone that fell from Harper's mealy fulsome mouth one sad day.. the bizarre concept of closing a rescue station to save lives.. which is a bit like stiffing Vets to honor them - robbing the public purse or EI for a 'surplus' or an Election Fraud as 'leadership' .. Anyways.. its how bitumin once blessed becomes the holy Alberta oil that flows .. Its the 'paramountcy' Mound.. and if he ever asks you to shake his hand you can ask him about it..

“The paramountcy of government resources in this area is on public safety and the government is allocating its resources in a way that we believe, based on the advice we have received from the coast guard, that is best in terms of public safety,” the Prime Minister said.

“That is to put as many of the resources as we can into actually having rescue boats in the water. That’s where we put our investments going forward.”