Wednesday, May 04, 2016

It Is Finished

Less than 24 hours after Ted Cruz left the Republican race, John Kasich has announced he's also folding his campaign. That leaves only one contender for the Republican presidential nomination, the guy who just pocketed every remaining delegate.

Trump has the nomination stitched up as tight as anyone can get it. No brokered convention, nothing stands in his way.


Toby said...

Republican voters are sending a signal. The pitchforks are coming. I bet there are a lot of politicians having second thoughts about their stand on the Second Amendment.

CV SoG said...

Except he's clearly not the establishment candidate - Hillary Clinton is.

And the Clintons and Trump are friends - heck their campaigns share the same office building in Delaware).

I've said it before - I think Trump is a strawman candidate whose sole purpose is to ensure Hillary Clinton is elected.

Think it can't be possible? Watch Trump's future sentences. See if he starts becoming even more loopy than he already is. As long as Sanders remains in the running and people are interested in what he says, Trumps statements will become more wilder in an effort to isolate him. The false media narrative is already in place to eliminate him from the race, but he's chosen to continue and clearly his win in Indiana is a sign he's got traction with many voters.

Owen Gray said...

Depressing news.