Friday, May 06, 2016

London Has a New Mayor - and He's a Jihadi

No, he's not. He is, however, a Muslim and to plenty of rednecks that's close enough. Sadiq Khan is the new Lord Mayor of London replacing the ever-boorish mop top Boris Johnson.

Get this. Khan (Labour) mopped the floor with his Tory opponent, Zac Goldsmith, by a 57-43 margin.

The 45-year-old son of a Pakistani bus driver beat Zac Goldsmith at the end of a sometimes bitter campaign during which the Conservatives accused Khan of being “dangerous” and “pandering to extremists”. Labour complained that Goldsmith’s campaign was Islamophobic.

In his victory speech Khan said he was “deeply humbled by the hope and trust” voters placed in him, adding: “I want to thank every single Londoner for making the impossible possible.”

He added: “I’m so proud that Londoners have today chosen hope over fear and unity over division.”

As anyone can tell from the photo above, Khan is plainly bloodthirsty and can't wait to extend the Caliphate to Britain.


Northern PoV said...

Hail the Khan. (Not the CON!)

So this is how IRV works. (Ranked ballots)

Simple to implement, significant in impact.

A lesson for the Canadian PR zealots out there.

The Mound of Sound said...

Good point, NPoV. Thanks.