Friday, May 20, 2016

Vancouver Mayor Slams NEB Pipeline Review And Trudeau's Added "Stopgap Measure."

You could say that Gregor Robertson doesn't much care for the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion, the rigged National Energy Board approval process or Justin Trudeau's ploy to gloss it all over.

"The NEB process was a sham, basically, it was advanced with gusto by the Harper government, who were obviously strong proponents of this pipeline process," Robertson said in an interview with Chris Hall on CBC Radio's The House.

"We put up a solid fight against it, but many of the interveners, many voices were shut out of that process and First Nations weren't consulted appropriately," he said, noting the board did not review the project's downstream climate change impact.

Robertson said he will fight tooth and nail to stop the project, and he has a simple message for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr: "The answer is no. This pipeline proposal should not be approved.

"They've got the rest of this year, they've got this ministerial panel, but there is no business case for it when you put the economics on the table and when you put the Paris agreement and our climate commitments on the table and the sensitive environment we're dealing with here on the West Coast — it's an absolute no," he said.

Justin Trudeau defrauded British Columbians into giving him a number of ridings - ridings that might otherwise have gone to the Harper Conservatives - on his express promise to rectify the rigged environmental review process of the industry loaded regulator, Canada's National Energy Board. Slick broke his promise to the province and people of British Columbia and he's trying to weasel his way around it.

If he goes through with this botched "sham" there'll be a price to pay for the Liberal Party for years, perhaps generations, to come.


Kim said...

Derrick Corrigan, Mayor of Burnaby will fight this thing too. Many of us will.

The Mound of Sound said...

Yes, I know Derrick fairly well going back to the days when four young guys formed Corrigan, Bernardino, Baker & Dorman. He has certainly been unmatched among Lower Mainland mayors in his fight against KM.

Dana said...

I predict a lot of one term Liberal MPS in and around Greater Vancouver if the boy king as his courtiers allow this.

Hugh said...

I was listening to the Finance Minister on the radio yesterday. His main focus is growing the economy. He wants Canada to go deeper into debt to spur growth, which he says is what the IMF wants us to do. Great.

Hugh said...

Apparently, priority #1 is to grow the economy, not to reduce GHGs or cut back fossil fuels.

We are to grow the economy by taking on even more debt, on the orders of the IMF, so it seems.