Thursday, February 20, 2020

40 Months for Roger Stone

It's a far cry from what DoJ prosecutors wanted, around 9 years, but Trump dirty trickster Roger Stone has been sentenced to 40 months in prison, just over a third. It's unclear whether attorney-general Bill Barr's meddling played much of a role.


Lorne said...

One could argue Barr need play no further role, given the strong message Trump sent with his outlandish pardons the other day, Mound.

rumleyfips said...

You have to remember the defence and Trump wanted 0 years, an apology, a bunch of flowers and e kiss from the beauty queen

Anonymous said...

Seems a little light, but in the range I was expecting. The DOJ originally asked for 7 to 9 years, while Stone's lawyers were pitching probation. The judge sawed off closer to the defence side, but it's still a substantial sentence. He's lucky that he wasn't caught voting while black and on probation - that's worth 5 years!


Trailblazer said...

One has to wonder if Trump will pardon Harvey Weinstein?
They seem to move in the same circles.

With each passing day I become more convinced that the USA has Monarchy withdrawal.


the salamander said...

.. Presumably, Vegas has the odds re a Trump pardon for Stone. Hours, Day, Weeks. Side bets on whether Barr immediately resigns. The historic hysterical Trump saga lurches toward being a 8 year psychodrama.. though it also threatens to collapse ie 'be cancelled by the network' on extremely short notice.. punctuated by a final helicopter ride. Question - must a Marine or Honorary Detail salute a disgraced, resigned President ? Trump without question IS A DISGRACE.. to the human race