Sunday, February 02, 2020

Peter MacKay and the Conservative Party Leadership

Apparently Peter Mackay is the only prospective challenger for the Tory throne so far to cough up the $300,000 admission fee.

Question. If no one else chooses to throw away 300 large, does that mean Peter has "bought" the Conservative Party leadership?

I'm having a bit of trouble with the optics.


John B. said...

Or who is buying it for him? It seems kind of steep for a used up beater like the CRAP Party. As salamander remarked in one of the blogs recently, the value must be in the label they're buying. I have a vague recollection of Harper laying some kind of legal claim to the word on behalf of the party in the aftermath of the MacKay sellout.

the salamander said...

.. I still think O'Toole is still in.. he was making some little big man war cries as if there was never a doubt that he's in and what his 'vision' is. Gladu is a sad case.. Peter MacKay is like a sleeping dog that's best use is just that.. sleeping. Awake he's a large sack of hammers when holding forth, blaring his studiously cultivated braying. Wide open to obvious political & electoral skewering, with a long trail of being a poster boy for shifty & glib posturing

the salamander said...

.. re John B .. It does ask the question
(and have heard it expressed in different ways)
a question of 'is it a desirable position?' - Official Opposition 'Leader'
or 'what exactly are the assets & cache.. aka THE Conservative BRAND worth'
or 'Never mind the black mould.. its part of The Brand
The Brand = Votes, the Brand = $, the Conservative Brand as heroic..
The Brand Is What People Vote For Now ??
this seems a where is Marshall McLuhan when we need him type of question

Hell !

The Disaffected Lib said...

I suppose there's Elmer's share of the Airbus money

Trudy said...
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rumleyfips said...

Years ago I read that Elmo gave Dumbo a million dollars for this 18th birthday and Dumbo thought he earned it. Maybe it was part of HienzKarls' schmeergelt.

Northern PoV said...

"Or who is buying it for him? "

Do the regular political fund-raising caps apply? (One or two thousand dollars, I believe.)

Are there 150-300 fools who've anteed-up already?

Do the same disclosure rules apply. Not in Alberta it seems as Kenny shows.

Can he borrow it? (Kevin Leary lent his campaign $ to himself I believe and is fighting in court to write off the debt, last time I heard. LOL)

In any case it is clearly designed to
* eliminate the '13 ballots debacle' full of all those nobodies tweeking their resumes or'running for next time'.
* and mainly to keep the 'crazy uncles and aunts' like Decarie and Sloan shut up in the attics and basements of the nation and out of the spotlight.

Desperate to shed the Red-Tory label, McKay is now showing off his true colours, which is making a general election win unlikely in the current political climate. A second tRump term could change all that and bring a CON resurgence to Canada.

The Disaffected Lib said...

Schmeergelt. Full points, Rumley.

Welcome to the Tory shitstorm, amigos! I'm sure the Liberals couldn't be happier.

The Disaffected Lib said...

Here's an idea. Why not suggest to the Tories that they treat MacKay's $300,000 as an opening bid. That's right, auction off the leadership. That way we can find an even bigger tool, a real 5-watt bulb, and buy him the leadership.

the salamander said...

.. Christy 'point of no return' Clark.. for the win ! My summary of her credentials blows MacKay out the door.. its up for review at Northern Reflections currently, I hope I did not lard her backroom navigation skills too excessively.. but the rest of Canada really needs to discover the 'treasure from tidewater'