Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Democracy Afoot - Scottish Parliament Reaches Out to Nordic Council

It's no secret that Brexit has driven a wedge between Scotland and England. It was the English, after all, who hatched Brexit and rammed it through against the wishes of the Scottish people.

Bridling at, once again, being under the thumb of England, the Scottish parliament has been working to strengthen ties to the Nordic states.
“Historically, there have always been close ties between the Nordic countries, Scotland and the rest of Britain. The Nordic Council will do everything in its power to ensure that this close co-operation continues. Despite Brexit, we want Scotland to know that she will always have friends in the Nordic countries,” said the President of the Nordic Council, Silja Dögg Gunnarsdóttir.


Trailblazer said...

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Trailblazer said...

The problem with populists is that sooner of later they turn upon each other.
This can be very dangerous.
Populists become what they are by promoting nationalism.
Nationalism does not bode well for mutual agreements.
Without mutual agreements we have a less than perfect world!!


Anonymous said...

Seems very thinly argued and needlessly provocative in tone. Not the Nordic lot - you.

In 2014, the independence vote in Scotland lost 55 to 45%.

The only "ramming through" on Brexit was the idiot PM Cameron forcing a referendum on the issue on all UK citizens two years later, when he did not have to do anything whatsoever in the first place. It was all in response to a dare, which the silly fool decided to respond to.

And the Brexit vote outcome itself was hardly preordained, or do you not remember?

To therefore argue that the subsequent Brexit referendum vote, which showed Scotland was majority Remain, is England "ramming through" Brexit on Scotland is an idea of your own invention and patently ridiculous.

Portions of England were also majority Remain, like the London area itself. Do they get to vote on independence from the UK because it was "rammed through" on them as well? Or is the fact that Scotland is nominally a separate country, but hasn't really been since 1603, the deciding factor? You know, 1603 was when James V1 of Scotland also became King James 1 of England and the Union began.

Should Alberta get to leave Canada because they voted pure CPC bar one NDP MP in the last election? The Wexit wang-wavers think so.

No, this is just the losers from the first Scottish independence vote seeing an opportunity to have another crack at leaving the UK based on newer information. And their disingenuous leaping about spreading disinformation seems to have convinced at least you and others with no skin in the game, at any rate. Not me, not yet, and my family is from there and Northern Ireland.

The political Scots in fervent favour of leaving the UK for their own advantage need to calm down and see where the UK is actually heading before getting their knickers in a complete twist.

There are two issues - one is Scotland leaving the UK for whatever reason, the other is using a subsequent vote on a different matter entirely to reinforce the argument for the former and to confuse the issue for possible political gain. And then to hype it per the usual modern addiction to social media and knowing scant real knowledge exists out there. People are both dumb and emotional and soon we get historical revisionism of the type you promote here using the words "ramming through" in a situation where they simply do not and cannot logically apply.