Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Reason Not to Vote for Harper- He's an Economist, Supposedly

Preston Manning tells us that we should re-elect Stephen Harper because he's an economist and that's just what Canada needs to get the country through the hard times that lie ahead.

But wait a minute! If an economist of Mr. Harper's stature is critical to our future in the years to come, how did we find ourselves spread eagled in this mess when we've had this same economist at the helm for two and a half years already?

As a highly educated economist, what didn't Steve Harper see coming and when didn't he see it?

Put another way, our Economist-in-Chief ought to have seen this coming and ought to have introduced measures to protect Canadians from it, no? I mean he's gone to university and everything, right? He's an elite guy after all, full of all that book learning. And even if he couldn't find his economics ass with two hands, even he could read what that other economist, Paul Krugman, was writing twice a week in The New York Times or am I wrong again?

Now I know that Steve has been pretty busy running in full-bore campaign mode these past couple of years but surely he can tell us something he did to protect Canadians from the downside of this mess. Something. Anything? And if, as it so plainly appears, he did nothing, nada, zip, zilch - why then I'm sure he had some good reason for that too, no? So, why did our Conservative Brain Trust not use that expensive, taxpayer funded education to help us?

The fact is Steve wasn't playing heads up ball. He was busy implementing an agenda and looking for a way to create just the right conditions to pull a snap election. As for the economy, this joker was asleep at the wheel and that's why, kids, we're now headed for the ditch.

Stephen Harper has totally let Canada down on this one and we're all going to feel plenty of pain from his neglect and raw political ambition.


Anonymous said...

I've asked on several forums but nobody has replied, what would the Liberal plan have been if there had been a liberal government in place when the financial melt down began in the USA a few weeks ago.
CTV must have edited Dion's answer out.

The Mound of Sound said...

Anon, I'm not a spokesman for the LPC. Ask them. Of course you would have to ask what they might have done had they access to the best economic minds in the public service over the past 2 and a half years while this crisis was looming - exactly what Harper had. They didn't so it's pretty disingenuous of you to dodge your Furious Leaders gross negligence by trying to paste this on the opposition. Nice try, no banana.

burlivespipe said...

What kind of economist would advise you to drain your 'rainy-day fund' for some quick fixes, then hide or ignore basic payable expenses that are slated to come down the road?
I'd say there may be Harper chose politics, since few people would hire that kind of economist.
Guess he should stick with science, where he can predict earthquakes and echo the reports from Australia's 2004 Farmer's Almanac.

The Rat said...

"What kind of economist would advise you to drain your 'rainy-day fund' for some quick fixes, then hide or ignore basic payable expenses that are slated to come down the road?
I'd say there may be Harper chose politics, since few people would hire that kind of economist."

Hmm, maybe the kind that realizes that hording money in Ottawa until the crisis hits so that he can look like he is "taking action" is the wrong way to do it. Seems our "do nohing" PM has us in the best condition of any G7 country, and any Western country, really. We haven't shut down our stock market (Iceland), bailed out our failing banks (US,Europe), or had massive job losses.

But I know a doom and gloom scenario benefits Dr. Green Jeans so I understand why you choose pessimism over truth.

The Mound of Sound said...

Rat you're pulling way too much out of your ass on this one. Keep it up and you'll really hurt yourself. I suppose you meant "hoarding" money and maintaining a substantial surplus to be able to respond to economic crises is actually not just smart, it's responsible. Harper hasn't put us in the best condition of any G7 country unless you want to credit him with the heavy lifting of Paul Martin. We haven't bailed out our failing banks? Oh yes we have. In fact we've just made the first installment of $25-billion and, don't worry, barring some effective intervention the job losses will follow as they always follow downturns in our economy that is almost entirely slaved to US fortunes.
So, nice try Rat, but you're flat out wrong.

Tootrusting said...

I have made my living for the past 10 years entirely by running my own modest portfolio, I quickly learned a few things about economists.

They are great at telling you what has just happened, although not why.

If a group of them agree on an investment strategy, do the opposite.

If they say don't worry, run for the exit.

Most of them couldn't run a Lemonade stand and make money.

Having said that there are a few, very few that are worth listening to, Stevie doesn't have the years of real world experience and a track record to be included in that group, in fact as far as I know he doesn't have any experience.

The Mound of Sound said...

Perhaps totally inexperienced is a plus to Preston Manning. I think it's true that, if you put 25-economists in the same room and feed them the same facts, you'll get 25-disparate opinions, most of them utterly useless. Wait a minute, "utterly useless" - Stephen Harper - that sort of fits.

Oldschool said...
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