Saturday, October 11, 2008

Liars, Liars - Ode to Sarah and Steve

As though the scrapbook of unscrupulous rightwing ploys wasn't already bursting at the seams, we now have to add Sarah Palin abusing her powers as Alaska governor and our very own Stevie Harper lying his ass off about being defamed.

Harper said the tape recording of comments he made about Chuck Cadman and efforts to "reach" the dying MP to bring down the Martin government -- why those were made up. Those damned, dirty, underhanded Liberals doctored the tape. And who would know better than the guy who was on the tape? Steve knew what he said, right? Steve knew he didn't say those things, he would never say such things, right?

Wrong. It seems that the nefarious control freak actually did say the things he was so desperate to deny. He did say the things that he claims were defamatory of his good name and reputation when the Libs relied on the tapes. Now it turns out that Harper's own tech expert says there was no doctoring of the tapes, what you hear is Harp himself, no editing, no splicing.

Harper went that one step over the line when he accused the Libs of tampering with the tape recording, of doctoring it to make him look bad. He not only made a despicable, groundless accusation against the Libs, he also admitted that his own statements were reprehensible.

It's no wonder Harper has to gag the civil service and our Armed Forces. The guy is just plain creepy.

And Sarah, oh Sarah. Yes you abused your gubernatorial powers to pursue a vendetta against your former brother in law in the midst of his custody battle with your sister. You denied it. Absolutely untrue. Then you and McCain did everything in your power to get the investigation derailed until after the November elections.

The McCainiac response to the report? Pretend it doesn't exist. They're saying Palin had plenty of policy reasons for dismissing her public safety chief. She did. Then they go on to say officer Wooten was a nasty guy. Sandwich those two statements together and maybe nobody will notice that the meat that's supposed to be inside - the abuse of power - is missing.


sassy said...

Sorry for going off topic but, I just noticed that your age went from 251 to 252. (not sure when).

Wishing you a belated two-hundred- and-fifty-second-birthday MOS.

The Mound of Sound said...

Gee sassy, you're right. I hadn't noticed. After you get past 175-176 it's so hard to keep track. But thanks for your good wishes.