Thursday, October 16, 2008

Who Said Racism Isn't Alive & Well in America?

I realize this is from al Jazeera but you can find plenty of similar stuff from concerned Americans on the web. This one shows a segment of the crowd that's flocking to Sarah Palin.


Greg said...

Yeah. Nobody wants a second string negro in the White House.

Second and third string 'C' students are okay only if they're white.


And don't send us a first string negro either, because then we'll call him "elitist".

It's extra telling because the only way they can think of black people is in terms of sports analogies.

Mike said...

There ya go. It sadly takes Al Jazeera to tell the truth about the US.

Bunch of racists gits.

Now, to play devils advocate, because I know how these stories are made, I wonder how many takes they had of supporters who did not say these outrageous things that ended up on the cutting room floor so to speak?

Not many I suspect.

The Mound of Sound said...

As I mentioned, Mike, there are plenty of clips circulating on YouTube and other sites of howling mobs of Repugs lined up to get into McCain or Palin rallies. This isn't an isolated event.

Oldschool said...
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Greg said...

Sorry, Old School dude. You're not going to frighten Canadians with the word "Socialist".

We know very well how far to the right your country is and that "Marxist" to you just means "mildly left" to us.

Neither are we buying the "black racist" thing. We're just not that dumb. Go peddle that tripe it back home.

The Mound of Sound said...

OldSchool, you just reminded me why I banned you from this site a few weeks back. Take your slime and peddle it elsewhere. You're so very gone.

Anonymous said...

And racism doesn't exist in Canada?........ think again.

The Mound of Sound said...

No AM, I'm well aware of the racism that exists in Canada but what's going on in the United States eclipses the dimension of the Canadian problem. I fully expect that attempts will be made on Mr. Obama's life and I desperately hope that they fail. The hatred and racial bigotry that flourishes in the Republican ranks is quite unlike what we have to endure in Canada. Ask any American black who has visited Canada and they'll gladly explain the distinction you don't seem to grasp.

Anonymous said...

MOS....I am very well aware of what goes on in the States. All I am saying is racism is very much alive in Canada as isn't just an American thing in North America. Morris

Greg said...

One of the benefits of living in the capital is not having to deal with much racism. I don't see how a racist could survive here. Too many of the "other" for any kind of stereotype to survive. It would be overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

Sadly... This is an excellent example of how the media misrepresents and sanitizes what the public views on a day to day basis. And this clip is tame compared to others I've seen recently from voters in the American heartland.

This story would never air on any of the American networks... it needs to be broadcast on Al Jazeera to be seen. But let's dismiss the fact that it's Al Jazeera... and realise that other countries, all over the world... produce news stories that uncover and report more truth about your own country than your own country will report to you.

The people in this clip were not at an "Anti-Obama" rally... They were just a bunch of folks out for a day of fun at some "non-political" event who all seem to share the same ideas and sentiments towards OBAMA the moment a camera and a microphone is shoved in their faces.

Look... you don't want to vote OBAMA? That's fine with me... but at least cite the policies or planks from his platform that you disagree with.

Don't tell me you aren't voting for him because he's a "terrorist" or his middle name is "HUSSEIN" or because "America will have a black President over my dead body".

That's just plain ignorant. And what's MORE frightening is they aren't even aware of their ignorance! This "hatred" and ignorance rolls off their lips as if they were logical, intelligent, coherent pearls of wisdom!

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in America (Canada too)... who are given a vote regardless of how low their IQ is.

A LOT of them...

.... Certainly enough of them to do some real damage to the country come election time.

These hopeless illiterates all approach an election this same way. They don't want to do any "extra work" and actually figure out what these politicians are about or what they stand for.

Nope... they just vote for who's prettier or who's name sounds less "ominous" or who has the better suit or who isn't too "off-white".

I think there should be a written test before you're given your vote every 4 years. I'm sorry but this video clip scares the crap out of me!

You wanna talk about "low-voter-turnout"... Imagine how much lower it would be if we could weed these losers out with a pop quiz!

Maybe this makes me sound like an "Elitist"... well, fine! So what? Maybe if there were more of us... people who spent at least as much time reading up on our politicians as we do reading up on George Clooney and Angelina Jolie... our species wouldn't be in the fantastic mess it's in.

Thank Allah for Al Jazeera! (LOL)
Thank Allah for YOUTUBE too while you're at it!

It's refreshing to see some truth in the media for a change.

I remain...