Friday, October 17, 2008

Redneck Republican Racism

Reports are beginning to emerge of racist hate campaigns underway among Republican groups in the runup to the US election. A Republican women's group in California circulated the fake food stamp shown here, arguing that Obama would be the first US president to appear on a food stamp instead of on a dollar bill. Naturally the image of Obama is surrounded by watermelon, a slab of ribs and a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.
The head of the Republican women's group said she got the image in several e-mail chain letters and was simply reproducing it although she apologized if anyone was offended. Say what?
But wait, there's more, a lot more than can be handled in this post. Here's one incident from TPM Cafe.
Earlier this week, the Sacramento County Republican Party and its chair, attorney Craig S. MacGlashan, caught some well-deserved flack for posting anti-Obama materials on the county GOP website including a call to "Waterboard Barack Obama" and a statement equating Obama with terrorist leader Osama bin Laden.
Incidents like this reveal that, even within Republican Party organizations, racist degenerates like this still sometimes hold sway and feel bold enough to circulate this garbage. They seem to be surprised, not ashamed, when they get confronted. Astonishing.


The Mound of Sound said...

So, what is this? Not a single refutation or snide retort from ahy of you? Not one of you willing to throw out some bullshit explanation or justification for this?

Do you realize, in your silence, what you've becone?

penlan said...

It's disgusting & oh so very dangerous. What is going on right now in the U.S. campaign is frightening.

Things have been escalating with the McCain campaign ever since Palin was chosen as his running mate. And when she said, at a rally, that "Obama is palling around with terrorists" it seemed to open the flood gates.

The extremist right-wingers are out in full force now & it's growing & including people who would not have been particularly swayed in a more violent direction, whether in action or thought. At all their rallies, McCain's as well, the crowds are angry, seething almost, against Obama shouting out kill him, he's a terrorist, etc. It's reaching the boiling point & it almost seems that there may be a time when it spills over & there will be mobs in the street. Scary stuff.

McCain tries to hush/stop them, half-heartedly, not authoritatively or really trying to calm them to reason, but Palin loves it & pushes it, appears to endorse it. This is making those within the Republican party, that have hidden their true feelings, emboldened & are expressing their hatred & rascism. Much like a lot of muzzled Conservatives here who have let their mouths slip here & there & their true opinions, feelings, have spewed forth.

Violence is something that occurred here in our election. I'm talking of car brake lines being cut that could have caused injury or even death. It's hatred mentality. And Harper never said one word against it, no condemnation whatsoever, that I'm aware of. And he could have. His silence gave it tacit approval. And so it continued, having begun in Guelph & then spread to other areas in Toronto. I don't know if it did anywhere else.

And you are so very right when you say: "They seem to be surprised, not ashamed, when they get confronted." I don't find it astonishing as they believe the majority of the nation is of the same mind set as them & they also believe they are right to think & act this way. They live in a cloistered world not looking beyond their own beliefs & surround themselves only with those who are the same. Anyone who does not think as they do is the "enemy". Close-minded bigotry abounds.

Progressives tend to think in terms of encompassing all. They do not.

Anonymous said...

the party's fringe all do that, its not surprising, during the nomination the black population had t-shirts to downgrade hillary....bros before hoes...
didnt hear obama say anything against it...sexism was and is an issue, race is an issue, it is the reality of life....