Friday, October 10, 2008

Canada's Economy Just Keeps Getting Stronger and Stronger, $25-Billion At a Time

Doing his best Martha Stewart impersonation, our Furious Leader has assured the voting public that his government's $25-billion bank bailout is "good for the economy." It's a "good thing" eh Steve? Maybe not quite as good as if the fundamentals of the Canadian economy were really strong and we didn't have to spring for $25-billion to unclog the credit drains but these days good things come in several flavours, all of them bitter.

Steve says he wants to ensure "greater liquidity" for Canadian banks. Does that mean the banks had a liquidity problem? Why, that would mean that the fundamentals of the Canadian economy really weren't strong, eh Steve? You were just screwin' with us, weren't you?

Just think how much better we're going to be when you spring for your next bailout. I'm sure that too will be a good thing for Canada.

I'd like to know a bit more about these mortgages we're buying. You say they're CMHC guaranteed. If the banks are holding mortgages that are 100% backed by CMHC guarantees why would they be desperate to flog those to you, Steve? Are these definitely Canadian mortgages or are these those miserable, subprime derivatives from the States?

Okay, Steve, one more time. Tell us that the fundamentals of the Canadian economy are strong.


Anonymous said...

So where's he getting this $25 billion from? Was it just lying around for anyone to pick it up?

Dante said...

If either of you had a fucking clue about what you are talking about, you might not look so idiotic to those who do.

The bailout is a good deal for everyone including the Canadian government. Don't let your lack of education get in the way of a good rant though


Anonymous said...

I don't really know how to respond to you, dante. I could simply ridicule you, but that's a bit of work. I could try to reason with you, but you're obviously not into back and forth discussion. So my only suggestion is to say why not go to your fridge, get your brew, and switch on the television cause you're missing out on Fox News. Hurry up. Don't let us detain you.

The Mound of Sound said...

Dante, you pissy little vulgarian, thanks for confirming that the 25-bill is indeed, despite Harper's claims to the contrary, a "bailout." The fundamentals are strong, the fundamentals are strong, the fundamentals are strong... until two days later when we need to BEGIN bailing out the banks.
So, enlightened one, 'splain just how wonderful this all is to those of us incapable of your intellectual heights.