Saturday, October 11, 2008

Arms Race Update - Russian Navy Flexing Muscles

Do you yearn for the nostalgia of the Cold War? Relax, it'll be back before you know it.

The Russian navy has successfully test fired a new model of submarine launched ballistic missile. The Sineva rocket flew more than 7,100 miles to land in a range in the central Pacific.

The Sineva comes in a variety of models. The ICBM is said to have an accuracy of 500 metres. There's also an anti-missile variant that the Russkies boast already outperforms any anti-missile system likely to be deployed anytime soon.

But wait, there's more! President Medvedev has told the Russian press that he's ordered the construction of new aircraft carriers too.

There's something of a Dreadnought race underway these days. China, India and Russia are all embarked on major expansion of their naval forces. India is on our side, sort of, Russia and China not so much.

Medvedev is also going to give the finger to Washington when the Russian fleet arrives soon in the Caribbean for exercises with the Venezuelan navy. They should be showing up any day now.

How did we ever let this happen? It's not just the increasing risk of major power warfare but also the hundreds of billions of dollars that are so desperately needed for other problems, such as global warming adaptation, that are instead being funneled straight into weaponry. As for how it happened, there's one person who stands out above all others. A complete moron.

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