Monday, October 20, 2008

Condelusional Rice

If there's been one trait that has distinguished Condoleeza Rice's eight years of service with the Bush administration, it's her ability to completely ignore reality and spin whatever fantasy best suits the boss - and do it with a straight face.

Her latest, according to BBC News, is to proclaim that the policies of George w. Bush have left the Middle East a better place.

Asked to assess the outgoing US administration's legacy, she said she was especially proud of the situation in the Palestinian territories.
She insisted that what she called a US-inspired "freedom agenda" had taken hold in the Middle East.

Ms Rice also said Iraq had become a "good Arab friend" of America.

"The Middle East is a different place and a better place," Ms Rice told BBC Arabic TV.

Iraq, far from being destroyed, was fully integrated into the Arab world, she said.

There you have it. Iraq is now fully integrated into the Arab world. When did Tehran turn Arab?


Real_PHV_Mentarch said...

"Deny, deny, deny reality"

That is what incompetents *always* do - after all, how else can they make believe to themselves and anyone gullible enough that they are "competents"?

Q.E.D. once again (sigh)

Anonymous said...

So let me guess.

If Iraq wasn't liberated, Iran would not care about getting a NUKE?

Yeah, Ok!

IF Iraq wasn't liberated, the palestinian muslim terrorists would not be killing Jews.

Oh. ok.

See, Iran and Palestine would have been doing the same shit if John Kerry won in 2000.

It's time to grow up, and realize that freedom breeds peace.

It worked throughout history and has been proven true again.

Don't you find it funny that 99% of people who want Saddam to still be in power are the same 99% of people that hate America.

Correlation here? You got it.

People who have an open mind and actually care about human rights no doubt include the Iraqi people in that bucket.

The Iraqi people deserved Saddam just as much as the Mound of Sound does, which is not very much.

Iraq is free, the people vote and even terrorists like Sadr get to protest.

Unfucking real what can happen when you have a solid leader like President George Walker Bush.

People like you suuport Saddam and you should hang your skinny head in shame.

The Mound of Sound said...

Anon, have you anything to add that's not quite so childish? Really, you're seriously uninformed. Take a break from writing this stuff and spend a few days - DAYS - at least reading. You'll start answering your own questions.