Friday, December 04, 2015

An Eye-Opener from Brookings Institute

There's a Brookings survey of American attitudes toward the Middle East.

One question asked respondents who was the world leader they most admired.

In first place, not surprisingly, was Barack Obama, 16%. Reagan claimed second with 7%.

Third place honours went to Benjamin Netanyahu at 6%, just a bit shy of Reagan. Vlad Putin cinched fifth at 3%. Sandwiched between and betwixt Netanyahu and Putin was Pope Francis in fourth place at 5%.

Really, Pope Francis in 4th, trailing Netanyahu. There is something seriously f__ked up with those people.

Here's a link to the report findings.


Owen Gray said...

Seems to me that survey helps explain Donald Trump's popularity, Mound.

Pamela Mac Neil said...

ditto to Owens comment.

Anonymous said...

Based on a national sample, the poll also includes a substantial sample of Evangelical Christians—enabling an expansive analysis of this increasingly important segment of the American electorate.

WOW; then we really are f**ked.
Sadly when life becomes complicated and people are faced with unpleasant facts such as our leaders are incompetent, purveyors of mass murder or reckless industrialists then people , worldwide, turn to faith as it is easier to accept than fact or reason.

LeDaro said...

Interesting!I agree with Owen as well, Mound.

Netanyahu making top 5 is amazing. He does run foriegn policy of the west.