Thursday, May 05, 2016

Is America's Supreme Court About to Legalize Outright Corruption?

The United States Supreme Court serves as a stark reminder of how Canadians should be grateful for the Supreme Court of Canada and how it serves our country.

America's top court, according to a new report in The New Yorker, appears to be on the brink of legalizing what almost any of us would see as outright corruption in government.

The US Supreme Court through decisions such as Citizens United has been instrumental in ushering in illiberal democracy in that country. The court has been dominated by radical rightwing ideologues. It is perhaps the most politicized top court in the developed world regularly dispensing what are blatantly partisan judgments that too often veer freely from what America once stood for.


Toby said...

Justice Anthony Kennedy, . . . "money is speech."

That's a leap.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, it all just clicked. The Duffy-Wright cheque was not a bribe, it was part of a one-sided conversation.