Monday, May 09, 2016

It's Over. The GOP Just Needs to Realize It's Dead.

Peggy Noonan has penned the obituary of the GOP. The Grand Old Party is over. To pundit Noonan, the Republican Party needs to prepare for something akin to the Confederacy after it lost the Civil War.

"I do not understand the impulse of the NeverTrump people to anathametize and shun those Republicans who will not vow to oppose Mr. Trump and commit to defeating him," said Noonan in her Thursday night column. "They have been warned that if they don't do these things they will not be allowed to help rebuild the party after Mr. Trump destroys it. Conservatives love to throw conservatives out of conservatism; it's like an ancestral tic."

"But great political movements should not be run like private clubs," she added. "And have the anathemitizers noticed they aren't in charge anymore? That in the great antiestablishment disruption of 2016 they have been upended, too?"

"We don't know what's coming in 2016, or what happens to the GOP if Mr. Trump wins or loses," wrote Noonan. "If there is a rebuilding of the party, as opposed to an ongoing reinvention, we don't know when that will commence. If it is a rebuilding, on what grounds do the NeverTrump forces think it will be rebuilt? As a neoconservative, functionally open-borders, slash-the-entitlements party? I am not sure, whatever happens in 2016, that there will ever again be a market for that product."


Anonymous said...

With Trump at the helm there will be little interest in co operation with the USA.
Perhaps some of our leaders such as David Cameron of the UK will cosy up but even the most spineless will stay at arms length.
The only good thing about a President Trump is that there will be no President Hillary.

What an awful situation the Excited States of America are in..


Pamela Mac Neil said...

The GOP especially since the tea party and evangelical invasion has not really been a political party. It's been over intellectually and politically for a long time. Trump is no exception to the ridiculous rhetoric the GOP has been spouting for years.Who can forget Palin chosen by McCain as his choice for VP.The fact that that duo even existed in a run for the oval office reveals that America is culturally and politically bankrupt.When Buffoons and religious nuts for the GOP run for the presidency, the powers that be will be backing a democrat for the presidency.