Monday, May 09, 2016

What's Worse, the Disease or the Cure?

A lot of Republicans are wrestling with the Hue Paradox.

Hue was a majestic ancient imperial city in Vietnam until it was overrun during the Viet Cong's Tet Offensive in 1968. The Battle of Hue was vicious as American forces fought to expel the insurgents. Afterwards the city's once grand buildings and neighbourhoods were reduced to rubble. American commanders said they had to destroy the city in order to save it. (the photo is the gateway to the Old Citadel after it was liberated)

There's your paradox, the conundrum facing the Republican establishment. They either have to yield their party to Trump and his Tea Party troglodytes or they have to destroy it and try to rebuilt something out of the ashes.

Now, neocon William Kristol, the guy who introduced John McCain to this woman in Alaska named Sarah Palin, is looking to do something to save his party along the lines of what the Marines did to Hue almost 40 years ago.

...given the foment in the GOP as New York realtor and reality TV star Donald Trump closed in on the nomination for the 2016 election, effectively hijacking the party, it's not surprising that Kristol would be trying to fix it – whatever that means.

Kristol wants to draft Mitt Romney, the party's failed 2012 nominee, to run against Trump as an independent, which would almost certainly split the Republican vote and deliver the presidency, gift-wrapped, to the Democrats' presumptive nominee, Hillary Clinton. Oh, and at the same time, split the party.

And that's the question that the Republican establishment has yet to answer – go with Trump and keep the party; or run against him and lose the White House to a woman who is hated by the Republican base almost as much as Obama.

For the Republican establishment it's a hell of a predicament to be in, one entirely of their own making, entirely their own fault. Unfortunately the Democrats are certainly and America will probably wind up with Hillary Clinton who has spent the last year campaigning to the left to thwart Bernie Sanders and is now pivoting hard right to take on Trump. It's no wonder she's so unpopular with American voters and, especially, among American women and younger voters. When it comes to politics, Hillary is easily as whorish as Bill and you'll recall how Bill Clinton, to refute claims that he was soft on crime, sent a mentally impaired black man, Ricky Ray Rector, to a grisly execution.

One way or the other, America is bound to come out of the November elections diminished and facing a difficult, uncertain future.


Anonymous said...

Republicans and democrats in USA are just a front for the banksters.
Same in Canada, banksters from Montreal tend to support libs while banksters from Bay street lean towards cons. Big difference, eh...

Steve said...

burn down this republican villiage knowing no rational mind would want to save it

Troy Thomas said...

It'll be a low voter turnout election, but for the Trump supporters.
Romney's not likely to split that vote, but he might split the Hilary vote.
This will probably be the least energetic presidential election the USA will ever see.
And there's a quiet discord in the Democratic ranks, too. The neo-liberals may well be trembling at the thought of overthrow in their ranks if they should lose this coming election. It's not likely, but it's possible. And that possibility will grow as the old guard continues to retire from politics.
The age of Reagan is coming to an end. And the Reagonites are now being challenged at every turn, now. On the right, the libertarians are growing in popularity, and on the left, the social democrats are finally making inroads to challenge for the Democrats levers of power.
A Clinton win will push reform within the Democrats down the road another five or ten years, but a Clinton loss has the possibility of busting the doors wide open.
Irregardless, whoever wins, we all lose.