Monday, May 09, 2016

Well, We Can't Say They Didn't Offer. Russia Wants to Send Water Bombers.

Russia has offered to help fight the forest fires raging in northern Alberta. It seems the Trudeau government responded with a yawn.

In a statement released Thursday, Russian Minister Vladimir Puchkov offered to "immediately" send emergency aircraft to help battle the blazes that have spread through Alberta's north throughout the week.

Puchkov said Russian air force is prepared to send Ilyushin Il-76 strategic transport planes — which the statement says can carry 42 tonnes of fire retardant material — as well as "Russian rescuers and specialists with necessary equipment to fight fires in Canada and organize ground support for aircrafts."

A spokesperson for [emergendy preparedness minister Ralph] Goodale confirmed that the letter was received last week, and told VICE News that — thus far — Russia is the only country to reach out.

"The Government of Canada does have a mechanism in place for mutual firefighting support with other nations, including some specific agreements," the spokesperson said in an email. "Canada does not have a formal arrangement with Russia for this purpose.

"We will review the offer received from the Russian Federation and will respond to them in due course."

Yeah, sure, in your own good time, Ralphie. What's the rush? Then again, that was sooo "last Thursday."


It appears that Jumpin' Justin has decided. No outside assistance.

...the Liberal leader insisted international support isn't necessary at this time. While the gesture is appreciated, Trudeau said first responders from other provinces, including Ontario, B.C., Quebec and New Brunswick, are getting a handle on the situation.

I'm sure Junior knows what he's doing. With the prairie and its boreal forest tinder dry and extreme heat and dry conditions forecast for the entire summer, it's logical to a Liberal mind to just say, "aw, shucks, we've got it."


the salamander said...

.. somehow can't see one o those 4 engine waterbombers skidding across a boreal lake.. all 4 jet engines sucking up water, lake trout, beavers.. whether the pilots speaka da enlish anudder question.. fresh from the rooshian boreal y'know..

But hey ! Mebbe they could do coastal patrol.. replace the Comox search n rescue crews.. and surely we could get some of those Israeli bulldozer operators over here.. The fire's the size o New Yawk City x 2 I hear.. so grind out some landing zones and runways in the boreal and let the Russians show us how its done.. mebbe Putin will pop in to grab a shovel..

Pamela Mac Neil said...

Why is Trudeau not in Fort McMurray?

Anonymous said...

Anyong said.....Canada would do well to engage Mr. Putin. We may need his services in other areas in the you say!