Friday, December 30, 2016

George Soros: Democracy Is in Crisis Around the World

Billionaire George Soros isn't mincing his words: Democracy is now in crisis. Even the U.S., the world’s leading democracy, elected a con artist and would-be dictator as its president.’

The result of the U.S. presidential election means the country will spend more time dealing with internal conflicts, with minorities most at risk, than performing the traditional function of promoting democracy around the world, Soros warned.

Democracy will “prove resilient” in the U.S., but Trump “will have greater affinity with dictators,” who will be allowed to carry on without any interference as the new president will prefer “making deals [to] defending principles,” said Soros.

Soros repeated fears that the European Union, which has suffered blows from the U.K.’s Brexit vote and rejection of constitutional reforms by Italian voters this year, is increasingly vulnerable. And he reiterated a concern that Russian President Vladimir Putin was seeking a growing influence over Europe.

Meanwhile, veteran Republican senator, Lindsey Graham, says 99 of 100 US senators think Russia did hack the election to install Trump in the White House.

After he and fellow lawmakers including Sen. John McCain complete their current trip to the Baltic states, Ukraine, Georgia and Montenegro and convene hearings on the matter, according to the South Carolina Republican, sanctions will be meted out that “hit [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and his inner circle for interfering in our election.”

The Russians, Graham went on to say, are “doing it all over the world,” including, he said, in Estonia, where he and McCain sat for an interview with CNN’s Jim Sciutto. That Baltic state, which like neighboring Latvia borders Russia, is “hit all the time.”


Anonymous said...

George Soros is pure evil. He appeared in the documentary 'Inside Job' calling on the Obama government to break up the banks. Used an oil tanker analogy: a tanker with only one compartment will capsize because oil sloshes around in big waves; but use many compartments and the problem is minimized.

While he was calling on the Obama administration to break up the banks, he was bribing the Obama administration to keep the banking regulations to a minimum.

This is an establishment plutocrat so confident in the capture of democratic government he can flaunt it.

Love how he complained over Hillary's election loss, saying it was like setting his money on fire!

In any case, it's the Americans who are "doing it all over the world" – including overthrowing the government in Ukraine to install one more sympathetic to their interests. That's why the people of Crimea voted to become a part of the Russian Federation.

Russia ain't the problem. It's just a distraction. Robber Barons like Soros are the real problem.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said..." Amen.

I too enjoyed Soros' fiction: "U.S., the world’s leading democracy" & "promoting democracy around the world."

Purple library guy said...

I'd certainly take complaints about democracy more seriously coming from most people other than George "Color Revolution" Soros.

crf said...

That's a fairly good column. It's arguable that he placed an overemphasis on Fake News and Putin as pressing problems for Liberal Democracy. Economics and Refugee/Migrant movement, rather than propaganda, would seem to adequately explain all the rightward tilt in the US and the EU.

There is a danger of Putin Derangement Syndrome developing in the haute commentariat in US and the EU. He's an issue, but I'd say he's a minor opportunistic infection, and the important sickness is wholly of Western Democracy's own making.

The Mound of Sound said...

I knew the mention of Soros would be incendiary and I've not been disappointed. That said much of his criticism is valid. If you can get past your personal disdain for the man, the danger to liberal democracy now spreading to America is manifest. Here I have to agree with John McCain. The failure to accept campaign finance reform has been used as the vehicle for both political capture and the follow on, prime objective - regulatory capture.

To Chris and A..non and PLG, thanks for all your comments this year. Your contribution is a substantial addition to this blog. To all of you, a Happy New Year.