Monday, December 12, 2016

How Chris Hedges Views Trump - Hint, Not Very Flattering.

Just in case you were thinking that The Donald wasn't such a bad guy after all, Chris Hedges does his bit to even your keel.

Trump is the sick expression of a dysfunctional political system and mass culture that celebrate the most depraved aspects of human nature—greed, a lust for power, a thirst for adulation and celebrity, a penchant for the manipulation of others, dishonesty, a lack of remorse and a frightening pathology in which reality is ignored. He is the product of our escapist world of constant entertainment. He embodies the mutation of values in American society that has culminated in an enormous cult of the self and the abandonment of the common good.

“When a population becomes distracted by trivia,” wrote Neil Postman, “when cultural life is redefined as a perpetual round of entertainments, when serious public conversation becomes a form of baby-talk, when, in short, a people becomes an audience and their public business a vaudeville, then a nation finds itself at risk: cultural-death is a clear possibility.”

Demagogues—insecure and crippled by an unbridled narcissism and seldom of high intelligence—play to the inverted values of a decayed society. They attack all who do not kneel before the idol of “the great leader.” “Saturday Night Live” can continue to go after Trump, but Trump, as president, will use every tool in his arsenal, no matter how devious, to banish such public ridicule. He will seek to domesticate the press and critics first through the awarding of special privileges, flattery, gifts and access. Those who cannot be bought off will be destroyed. His petulant, childish taunts, given authority by the machinery of the security and surveillance state, will be dangerous.


the salamander said...

.. well .. that kinda hit the dirt ugly Trump nail on the head.. and aims the hammer at current Canadian 'politics' as well

.. and I think that's why my current views on 'political parties' is so starkly against them.. If who we see presented as 'ideal candidates' or 'leaders' are so far removed from being exemplars - but rather, are for the greatest part, complete fools, extremely partisan, lickspittle sellouts, then of what use to constituents, ridings, regions, provinces or the Country called Canada.. or the planet.. are they ?

And why do we subsidize, trust or service such political buffoonery.. and why do we tolerate Mainstream Media who service them ? Why? To what great purpose ? And since when did 'polls' become part of the democratic process? Polls are a toxic ingredient of democratic disaster..

Why are we not just electing locals to our unique ridings, needs, dreams, wishes.. and sending them to Ottawa where they can duke it out to determine a Prime Minister & let us all know who came out on top? With the condition that she or he can be easily reduced back to being just an MP, if a majority of other MP's say so by public vote..

Sorry folks but the peoples, regions and country deserve 'democratic representation' .. not a 4 year Royalty award to the so called Queen or King of a political monstrosity

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