Friday, December 23, 2016

You Would Cry Too If It Happened to You...

It's Donny's party and he'll pout if he wants to...

Trump says he doesn't want celebrities at his inauguration, just "the people."

Well, isn't that a happy coincidence given the horde of A-List talent not clamoring to attend the event.

Trump's people can't be blamed. They've tried and how they've tried. At first they claimed to have Elton John lined up. And then they worked their way through a list of entertainers only to come up empty.

Trump doesn't need celebrities. They'll taste his exquisite retribution soon enough. Donald Trump always gets his revenge.

Can Scott Baio carry a tune? Then you get Stephen Baldwin on tambourine. Now that's entertainment.

With sincere apologies to the late Lesley Gore:

Better yet, he might be able to get Jimmy Buffett to perform an anthemic tribute to the new presidency:


Anonymous said...

Entertainment for Trump.


Lorne said...

Robert Reich has a brilliant idea in counter-programming, Mound, for the Inauguration Day 'festivities':

Dana said...

I see Alec Baldwin has volunteered to sing at the inauguration. He says he wants to sing Highway to Hell.

crf said...

I think the "rodeo song" would be an appropriate tribute for Trump.

Owen Gray said...

I see that Reich is recommending boycotting all of Trump's brands, Mound. If the boycott went international, it could be quite effective. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

John B. said...

So now after having lived much of his spare time schmoozing within range of the cameras with the well-known, Trump has had enough of them and would prefer to share it with lots of the little people, formerly known as "losers". Will that be with the hydrogen peroxide treatment or will a few cases of Lysol and Purell suffice?

The boycott might not achieve anything. If the recent election was an indication of what should be expected, I think that any of the hand-picked fool enough to buy something because his name was plastered on it will probably continue to exercise their terrific brains when making purchase decisions.

You too can be a winner in 2017!

"In terms of the world of success ... it's what you need to know. You're going to love it, because if you don't love it, it's never going to work."

Anonymous said...

Must be Christmas..
I just passed an internally illuminated 10ft tall bright green dinosaur with a Santa hat in someones yard.

A bit different than when I was a kid!

Merry Christmas to all.


Danneau said...

Reminds me of this gem from Berkeley in the early '70s:

Warning, very nasty song!

the salamander said...

.. off topic .. completely ..
Thank You - Merci Beaucoup - mr Mound of Sound ..
Your level of communication staggers the imagination..
As I pointed out at Northern Reflections this morning..
Marshall McLuhan predicted that Culture & Technology
would come together at 'outposts' ..
and that artists would man those outposts..

Well.. he was right..

Your Indy Blog - is a perfect example ..
the dude was perfectly prescient

All the best.. from the flatlands of Ontario ..
Gots no idea how you accomplish what you do..
But you sure do it in the most remarkable accomplished fashion ..

the salamanders have spoken ..

The Mound of Sound said...

Where to start? I hope all of you had a fine Christmas holiday or whatever holiday you indulged.

Lorne & Owen - yeah, Reich has a few good ideas for what Americans need to start doing before and after the inauguration.

Chris - I thought about The Rodeo Song but it wasn't sufficiently pejorative.

Danneau - good one, thanks.

John - I watched those YouTube videos. Thanks for making me want to open a vein.

TB - Yes, an inflatable dinosaur in a santa hat, that's awfully Trumpish indeed.

Sal - Thanks for your kind words, even if they're not all that deserved. I just do some things that keep me out of trouble - for now.

And, to all of you, best wishes for the New Year. With the Trump presidency just weeks away we'll need a few breaks coming our way to offset the Giant Orange Deluge.