Thursday, December 01, 2016

I Got Myself a Date

I'm almost giddy to announce that I've finally got myself a date. It wouldn't be gentlemanly to tell you who she is, not yet at least.

Where would you go for a first date? How about jail?

My friend and I have decided that our first date should be spent in the Greybar Hotel along with as many friends as we can muster to join in. It's all for a good cause - doing what we can to stop Trudeau's perfidious betrayal of our province in his quest to pimp bitumen to Asia.

A lot of people, especially those I know from back east, think this is about an "oil" pipeline. They've been fed that line for so long they believe it. Maybe they just don't want to know.

I've been a lifelong law-abiding citizen, more than 60-years. No charges, no convictions. Only now I have to contemplate being convicted for my convictions to do what's right for my community, my society and generations to come of British Columbians of the coast.

I thought long and hard about this during the Harper years. Who wants to run afoul of the law, especially if you're not looking to "get away with it"? Not me, certainly. That said, I know it's the right thing to do and it's the necessary thing to do. Besides, we've already got our song.


Lorne said...

Bravo, Mound. if I lived in B.C.,I would likely join you. Something tells me that if you are incarcerated for acts of civil disobedience, you will have some very good, and very interesting, company.

Kim said...

I'll be there.