Saturday, December 17, 2016

This Is Funny, I Guess, Almost


Hugh said...


"We need foreign investment because we're too useless and helpless to invest in our own resources."

"We need foreigners to keep our insane real estate ponzi bubble from collapsing."

"We need to continuously somehow keep our GDP growing every year for infinity, even though that's ridiculous and mathematically impossible, because that's how we deal with our ever-growing massive debt."

The Mound of Sound said...

Gee, Hugh, got an animation to go with that? You have to laugh if only so you don't pull your hair out in frustration with neoliberal Potemkin government that besets us these days. Trudeau, sadly, is a true believer in this unhinged fantasy. He's a disciple of perpetual growth even when the fallout of excessive growth already lies around our feet. So deluded or inexcusably gullible is our prime minister that he can insist that the path to a green future for Canada lies in increasing the export of diluted bitumen by a million barrels a day. Even if he's too busy to see what's already underway around the world, the people of Canada pay for first rate scientific minds who are at his beck and call, ready to explain reality to Justin. I get this feeling that no one, from Margaret on, ever said "no" to him. He seems convinced that illogical, sophomoric talking points will carry the day.

Anonymous said...

Taiwan doing it's best to be noticed - more to come I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Justin at work