Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year, Everyone

Just in the nick of time I stumbled across what I'd been looking for, something to inspire and lift spirits for New Year Eve. It came in the form of a photo gallery posted to BBC by Obama's staff photographer, Pete Souza.

There are several great photographs but this one really resonated with me.

Check them out. Enjoy. Happy New Year.


Anonymous said...

I will end the year with this.

All the best for the new year..


the salamander said...

.. as a former freelance photog.. its easy to recognize the opportunity of a lifetime.. to be the fly on the wall for 8 years of almost unlimited access within the White House.. The guy must have staggering terrabyte backup.. but he also had an entire department to look after the more mundane aspects. Its probably the cat's meow opp of a photog.. Can't wait to see the efforts of the Trump official photog department.. It may be more revealing than folks might believe. An ageing unscrupulous twistf_ucker who just can't keep his mouth shut or his narcissism hidden. On the simplest level, the days of Trump cheating at golf have gone up in smoke - on the higher level mebbe he can explain to his 'base' why he kisses Netanyahu, Putin & Saudi Arab ass instead of grabbing em by the.. .. .. Might be a hard sell deep in Missouri eh

All th best Mound .. you rock ! ! !

Lorne said...

I was struck, Mound, at how many of the pictures show a real humanness and humanity in The White House, something we will not see again for at least four years.

Dana said...

Of course we will see real humanness, Lorne. Just not the heartwarming kind of humanness.

Alpha Muhammad said...

Nice One!., Its Wonderfull
Happy New Year!