Thursday, December 01, 2016

Nikiforuk - "Kinder Morgan Approval Insults Democracy, Science and Economic Logic"

 If there's anyone able to give prime minister Slick a boot in his petro-ass, it's The Tyee's columnist, Andrew Nikiforuk.

Alberta-born Nikiforuk is Canada's hands down best writer on the Tar Sands and the bitumen initiative. He's been delving into it for years.

Excerpting his analysis would only detract from it so follow this link to read it for yourself.

When you're done ask yourself what kind of a man we have in this prime minister who would do this to Canada, our young people and generations of Canadians to come.

In defending his decision to push bitumen to tidewater, Trudeau remarked that there's "not a country on Earth" that wouldn't exploit such a bitumen bounty. If he's right, he's just admitted there's not a hope in hell we'll arrest catastrophic, runaway climate change even though we've been warned, repeatedly warned, that's an extinction event.

Trudeau will go through the motions of revenue-neutral carbon pricing which, at this point, is simply pushing food around on a plate and then he'll say he's done something meaningful to fight climate change.

Harper saw to it that the pipeline process would be a stacked deck. He did that by allowing the fossil energy giants to capture the regulator, the National Energy Board. Trudeau promised voters he would clean house but the Harper National Energy Board remains industry captured as the Trudeau National Energy Board. Trudeau is as corrupt as Harper.


Anonymous said...

In defending his decision to push bitumen to tidewater,

It's the figgen harbour; none of this newspeak!
You will talk of 'Oil'sands next; it's friggen tarsands.

Take control of the narrative.

Trudeau will go through the motions of revenue-neutral carbon pricing...

I say again..
Carbon taxes are or at least could be a continuous loop to keep the oil Barons in business.

Out of one oil company pocket into the other oil company pocket!!!

Canada is quickly going to where it was pre WWII that is to a nation of hewers of logs and diggers of dirt.
After WWII there was a mood to rise above such rape and pillage economics to something better.
The mood even lasted , in BC, to the Socred Government of Bill Bennett who's Government tried to diversify the economy.
Since the election of the Gordon Campbell Government who hijacked the name 'Liberal' we are returning to the early 1900's version of Canada.


Hugh said...

Seems to me their priority number 1 is "Grow the Economy", whether it's trade deals or pipelines. As long as GDP grows every year for infinity, everything will be ok. So they think.