Tuesday, December 20, 2016

No, Justin. By The Time You Catch Up With Reality It'll Be Game Over.

I don't have much confidence we're going to get this right, not in time certainly. But that doesn't mean we have to accept what's on offer - giving up without a fight.

I'm referring to the "climate emergency" now underway in our backyard and the utter indifference of our government to it. That begins with this fellow we call our prime minister - Trudeau the Lesser, the Dauphin, Junior, Slick - who won't even mention it when he speaks of climate change. Not a word.

Trudeau views climate change as a political problem, not an urgent scientific challenge. Any doubt about that is erased conclusively by his political approach, one completely detached from scientific reality.

With "dark winter" heatwaves convulsing the Arctic for the second year in a row spreading severe weather events, summer and winter, across the northern hemisphere, Trudeau announced the litmus test for his climate change policy.

In a year-end, roundtable interview with The Canadian Press, Trudeau said Canadian voters in 2019 can assess his signature policy's success or failure by looking at the country's greenhouse gas emissions trajectory.

"If we've been seen to be able to bend the curve in the next few years and start to show a trend line that is going to reach and surpass that target — as I expect it to — people will know, in terms of emissions reduction, that we're on the right track."

2019 - "on the right track" - is this joker insensate? Is he so focused on his electoral fortunes that he's deaf to what's going on - right now - and what that portends for the country in the not distant future?

To Trudeau, "on the right track" works because it neatly avoids having to acknowledge reality, evidence based science. If he was to confront what awaits our children and grand children we might have a metric by which to accurately measure his gross negligence. Like so many inconvenient realities this government, when confronted, falls back on weasel words and wiggle room lowering the bar of responsible government again and again.

He wants to "bend the curve." All the solutions will unfold in the fullness of time. 2019 - "greenhouse gas trajectories" - weasel words and wiggle room. The trajectory that matters - to us, our children and grandkids - is the trajectory that climate change is taking, the ballistic arc he's ignoring. That's the "incoming" trajectory. That's the one we need to worry about. That's the trajectory we need to deal with.


Toby said...

Justin has no doubt been briefed on climate science but that goes into a little box in his mind with all the other little boxes and gets no priority. It is puzzling that there are no bright sparks among his Ministers nudging him even a little. His whole Cabinet is a disappointment. I'd happily toss the lot of them.

The Mound of Sound said...

It's a reflection, Toby, of how immersed in neoliberalism today's political parties have become. Ignatieff seemed to expunge the last traces of genuine liberalism from the LPC as the Liberals and the New Dems followed Harper to the Right. It was Harper's quest to realign Canada's political centre and Layton and Ignatieff served as his handmaidens. Then there was the sordid spectacle of the subsequent Liberal leadership debates. Perhaps with the exception of Joyce Murray and one other they were all devout neoliberals practically tripping over one another to establish their market fundamentalist orthodoxy.

I think most of the Liberals vying for the leadership, Garneau especially, would have brought us to much the same point as Trudeau has. They're a visionless bunch staggering about from one mandate to the next, never looking up out of fear of what they might see.

Toby said...

The general population must also be immersed in at least the language of neo-liberalism. Politicians can get up and talk about tax cuts, balanced budgets and privatization with nary a peep from listeners.

Toby said...

One more thing. I am so tired of Trudeau talking down to us. I, for one, am not one of his students. His condescension is annoying. He uses it to stifle critics.

The Mound of Sound said...

You nailed it, Toby. He does speak to us as if we're his grade-schoolers. Yes, it does come across as condescending.

Unknown said...

There's nothing like being talked down to by a know nothing like Trudeau. There is a smugness about him these days.

If I am being condescended to by someone who knows what he/she is talking about, I won't like the condescension, but I'll still listen to what they have to say.

How Trudeau presents himself as Prime Minister of Canada is similar to a high school student who has just been voted the most popular boy in school.

I have written him off, but I will still follow what he is doing and saying daily.

Having him as our Prime Minister is like having Howdy Doody in charge of defence.

Toby said...

Pamela Mac Neil said, "Having him as our Prime Minister is like having Howdy Doody in charge of defence."

We do.