Thursday, December 08, 2016

Relax. We're a "Post-National State" Now. We Have No Core Values.

Sheesh, didn't this guy get the memo from our first post-national prime minister, Justin the Liberated?

I refer to Michael Doucet, executive director of Canada's Security Intelligence Review Committee, the outfit that oversees our country's spy apparatus and operations.

Doucet questions whether Donald Trump's espoused support for torture means Canada should rein in the flow of secret information between Washington and Ottawa.

"They may have a new administration that thinks torture is a good thing," he told a private Toronto audience last week, according to The Globe and Mail, which cited a recording of the remarks. "It's going to be an interesting and challenging time, and we've got to think about what defines us as Canadians."

Michael, chill. We don't have any core values and that comes straight from the top. What defines us as Canadians is now pretty much reduced to our postal codes. No need to trouble your pretty mind with worries about information extracted by torture.

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