Wednesday, December 05, 2012

A Christmas Gift for Dad? Glenfiddich, Maybe?

Scotch whiskey distiller, William Grant & Sons, has suddenly become a burr under Donald Trump's saddle.   For many years the distiller has hosted a "Top Scot" competition.  It's open to the public.   People just vote for whomever they chose to be named Top Scot for that year.

This year's lucky winner is Michael Forbes, a major critic of Trump's controversial golf course.  The Guardian describes Forbes as Trump's "obstinate neighbour in Aberdeenshire."

Trump figures the distiller set up Forbes to win and has banned all William Grant products, including Glenfiddich, from being sold in his resorts.   The distiller denies Trump's allegations.

So if you've got a loved one who deserves a bottle of spirits this Christmas, consider a lovely bottle of Glenfiddich.

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Jymn said...

Think I'll enjoy a slow sip or two tonight!