Friday, December 14, 2012

27 Dead, 18 Children, in Connecticut School Shooting

When are Americans ever going to come to their senses about gun control?  School shooting in Connecticut.   27 dead including 18-children.   The shooter, the father of a student, was gunned down.

You can almost turn this into a form story with blanks to be filled in for numbers, location and fate of shooter.

It was a kids' school - kindergarten to 4th grade, ages 5 to 10.   Christ on a Crutch!

Now what?   Will the NRA lash out in defence of mentally deranged gunmen as usual?   Perhaps it will argue that if only those kids had been packing heat, this never would have happened.

Stupid, Shit-For-Brains, Country.


LeDaro said...

It is a very sad story. It seems it is happening too often now. Maybe that is how Americans show their Christmas spirit. No place seems to be safe – churches, cinema houses, malls and now a kindergarten. Looks Americans have gone crazy. This is the kind of democracy they have exported to Afghanistan and Iraq. A developed nation with all the luxuries of life and yet this goes on.

As far as guns are concerned that seems to be a God-given right to American. Shocking!!!

LeDaro said...
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Anonymous said...

Canadians should remember that this is the road that the Reform-Conservatives are legislating for Canada....

rww said...

"Perhaps it will argue that if only those kids had been packing heat, this never would have happened."

Would I be naive to suggest that that is even beyond them, but that likely they will argue the solution to school shootings is to arm all teachers.

kootcoot said...

There are already A-holes in the Twitterverse blaming the whole shebang on the fact that the school was a "gun free" zone. One example:

"Shooters attack an elementary school in CT - another "gun-free zone." Makes children sitting ducks."

Also this week in the midst of legislating labor unions out of existence, and virtually criminalizing women's health issues, Michigan found time to make packing heat legal in the classroom, apparently.

Jeepers, just imagine a classroom full of third graders packing heat.....jeez! Then a dispute erupts over a marbles game during recess!

Anyong said...

Will Obama take on gun control? Even though he spoke as a parent regarding this killing he also should have spoken as the President of the United States of America.