Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Europe's CCS Contest Falters - No Winner Emerges

The European Union is actively encouraging development of CCS or carbon capture and sequestration technologies.   The goal is to find a way to strip CO2 emissions from energy production, especially coal-fired power plants, and safely sequester (bury) the stuff deep underground.

The EU ran a contest, with more than a quarter-million Euros up for grabs, looking for viable CCS technologies.  Unfortunately none of the competitors met the requirements and no winner was declared.

Effective CCS options are considered a prerequisite for the future of coal energy, particularly Germany's reversion from nuclear to coal.


Anonymous said...

CCS is a pipe dream.

The Mound of Sound said...

Well we'd better hope that CCS or some other carbon-stripping technology can be made to work and very soon.

Anonymous said...

We are cutting down the only successful CCS systems at an accelerated rate.

Time to kick the fossil fuel habit now. And the withdrawal is going to be painful. But absolutely necessary if we want human civilisation to survive - at least this version of it.