Monday, December 24, 2012

A Look Into the Cardboard Soul of Steve Harper

I think I understand Steve Harper's failure as a prime minister after reading parts of the transcript of his year-end interview with Global TV anchor, Dawna Friesen.

Harper stated the obvious, that his priority is the Canadian economy although he didn't quite say, "at the expense of anything and everything else."

The chilling part came when Harper discussed the future and fretted over 'getting it right instead of getting it wrong.'   There seemed to be a profound timidity, perhaps outright insecurity, on Harper's part that may explain his glaring lack of vision.  

Rather than dealing with the future, Harper has a wooden fixation on the present.   It's no wonder he (and, in fairness, many other Canadian politicians) cannot come to grips with the gravest challenges to young Canadians and future generations, inequality and climate change.   They simply lack the courage to deal with these issues and respond, instead, by simply turning away from them.


Anonymous said...

Canada has become, a cesspool of corruption. Especially since, Harper so called election majority. We don't beleive, Harper won that election, we believe he cheated it.

Do not be taken in by Harper. We rolled on the floor with laughter. On TV Harper had the gall to declare himself a devout Cristian, who "prey's" every day.

Is he "preying", as he is selling this country out to Red China? Did he "prey", when he gave China the resources and the resource jobs? What prayer did he use when, he gave Red China permission to sue any Canadians, who block China's takeover of Canada? The BC courts awarded Red China, all of the mining jobs in BC. Harper must have knocked himself out, on that prayer.

What devout Christian, would refuse to speak with Chief Spence? A courageous women ready to die for her people? We are all really worried about Chief Spence. She is up against a tyrant. Her Canadian Human rights are no different than, Harper's Communist China's people are..

Ex BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell works for Harper, to this very day. He sold BC out to China long ago. China was already sending their people to school, to learn 100 English words, so they could take BC's mining jobs. This was way back, in Campbell's reign of terror. Campbell even shipped BC mills to China, along with all of their g.d. raw timber. Harper and Campbell also signed sneak deals behind our backs.

Harper is timid, my @$$. He is an utter, total, monster. He and his so called Cons, and the so called, Campbell/Clark BC Liberals are all devout Christians then. They came directly from...The ninth ring, of Dante's Inferno.

Jeeezus. I will be sending people to your site. I am in disbelief.

the salamander said...

I'm sorry .. I don't agree. Your views resonate 99.9999 with mine.. but I must question or challenge you.

Stephen Harper seems fixated on the past.. not the present, not the future. We have a Prime Minister, that somehow was elected (or not, legally) into a majority and now unleashes his schoolboy hand in his pants, moved to Calgary oil field ideology and a very odd fixation on the past.. and China, in a colonial, victorian and deeply flawed way. Eyes fixed in his own flawed rear view mirror.. that's our Stevie.. claiming to speak on our behalf.

Perhaps his shallow contrived prayerful leanings with invisible friends up above are strengthened or fueled by holding hands, eyes closed circular platonic evangelical sessions with the blessed virgin Kenney, the warm hands and alternative views of that great blustering jewish advocate John Baird.. the reassuring loving glances and soft hands of Ray Novak and the cold hard hands of the remarkable Mr Toews. We don't really know.

I wish I knew who else (like Joe Oliver or the pious Fantino) was included in the group hugging, screw Canada, let's sell out to China, rape the First Nations, fuck over and extinguish their stinking treaties, rip n strip resources while we still hold power and can subvert common sense, obstruct, delay or defy laws with our taxpayer paid law firms... and buy as many F-35's as we can

I give not a shit if they want to destroy the Liberal Party .. or dump on Thomas Mulcair or bray about Taliban Jack, or bloviate on Carbon Tax or abortion law.. or proclaim their exalted transparency via scum bred rat faced whore mouthpieces like Tony Clement.. There's plenty folks far more invested and informed that can blow the Conservative arseholes out of the water on those matters.. than me.

The Harper Party claims its transparent.. is accountable .. so let's address their bare naked shriveled no balls no dick farcical posturing, and hammer them in Commons, the Supreme Court, the wanker mainstream media.. and finish the job.. deliver the coup de grace in the indy blogger world..

I'm fucking tired of these over fed bovine mad cow drones spewing their rabid posturing, bullshit, talking point spin.. as if they are Canadian, speak for Canadians.. or have the faintest idea of what that grand notion means.. or how brutally they demean it

Hall of Shame for every single one of them .. Well earned.. indefensible.. no matter how many crooked mealy mouthy lawyers they throw at it

How Canada's government fell under the control of scum like these..
is a stain on each and every Canadian' honor ...
we just were not ' Oh CANADA .. standing on guard for thee..'

Anonymous said...

"How Canada's government fell under the control of scum like these..
is a stain on each and every Canadian' honor ...
we just were not ' Oh CANADA .. standing on guard for thee..."
Sorry, I would like to exempt myself from that summary condemnation. I have screamed blue murder ever since Harper's first minority government, left the NDP and traitor Layton for the Liberals, went to the 2012 Convention, spoke out asking for a more vigorous defence against attack ads and lies, gave more money to the party than I can really afford, volunteered in election campaigns... I am hanging on until 2015 but will leave the country I emigrated to nearly 50 years ago and go back to my country of origin if the next election does not bring some kind of a reversal or any slight ray of hope that decency and honesty are still alive among the population. I would never have come to a country with even the slightest sign of a fascist future. I feel cheated! Why are not more immigrants upset?

The Mound of Sound said...

Wow, that's a lot of powerful outrage from the three of you. I think the anger you're expressing is captured in the earlier post, "Meanwhile, Just Below the Surface, Canadian Discontent Builds." Please read it if you haven't already.

A majority of Canadians no longer cleave to political parties for action. We have come to realize that none of them are worth a tinker's dam. That's why we, as a people, have come to support protests and civil disobedience as an avenue to force political change.

The Liberals tried to tie their party to an oligarch with distinct czarist leanings who, predictably, dragged the party to the right in pursuit of Harper. The new bunch of Trudeau, Garneau and Hall-Findlay want to keep the party Conservative-Lite.

Here on the coast many of us realize that we are the only reliable defence to the Northern Gateway. Lifelong law-abiding citizens, grey hairs mainly, preparing to cross the line for this, perhaps to become criminals in defence of our coast.

Would you count on Trudeau, Garneau or Hall-Findlay for support? Not me.