Sunday, December 09, 2012

Out of My League

How about this?  Floor seats.  Centre stage.  Row 5.  Yours for only $24,950 per ticket.  And they're going fast.

That's for next Saturday night's Rolling Stones concert in Newark, New Jersey.   Those seem to be the best seats remaining.   The cheapest seats, behind some pillar up in the Gods, will still set you back $350.   And parking?  That's another $82.

To me it's obvious that the last time I saw the Stones in concert will probably be the last time I saw the Rolling Stones.


kootcoot said...

I feel pretty fortunate to have seen the Stones young and complete with Brian Jones in L.A. in 1965 - tix were $5 (I still have the stub) and an added bonus was Jayne Mansfield walking in front of us to her front row center seat.

Jagger danced rather than doing aerobics - Keith and Charlie on the other hand have just gotten better with age - in my opinion!

The Mound of Sound said...

Ditto, here. I went to their first concert in Detroit at the Masonic Temple, I think in '64. They didn't sell much more than a third of the seats.

kootcoot said...

Their first US tour was in 1964, the concert in L.A. that I went to was their second. Hardly anyone stateside knew who they were in '64 and legend has it their first real successful and North American breakthrough concert was in San Bernadino on that first tour.

We went to the drive-in in Goleta, outside Santa Barbara, I forget how many nights in a row, to catch the Tamla show movie which of course was a bunch of R&B and Soul artists plus the Stones. IIRC that Tamla film recently resurfaced and was aired on PBS.

I once lived within a couple blocks of the Masonic Temple in Detroit (the one that looks like a castle). I was on Third Street, a block or two towards the river from the Masonic Temple a block or two to the east. I hated Detroit with a passion and felt like an exile while I was forced to live there. Perhaps my fondest memory is of seeing Ted Williams hit a home run in Briggs Stadium, in retrospect, because at the time I was pissed, as the Splendid Splinter wasn't a Tiger, of course!

By 1966 (when I went back to the Motor City for the first time since the fifties) the old neighborhood on Third Street had be subjected to urban renewal. It was blocks of parking lots.

The Mound of Sound said...

Jeebus, Koot, thanks for reminding me how damned old I am. Don't you qualify for some sort of PTSD benefit for having actually lived in Detroit?

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that they only want billonairs to attend. Who the hell put the Rolling Stones where they are today? They must be going bankrupt...joke..wink, wink.

The Mound of Sound said...

Actually, Anon, I figure this is their swan song. The end of the line for the Rolling Stones. Charlie Watts has wanted to pack it in for several years. There might also be a serious illness lurking in the background for one or two of them. With what they've ingested over the past half century it's a miracle any of them are alive.

kootcoot said...

Mound, if you forget how old you are, you could accidentally hurt yourself. I highly recommend Keith's recently (a couple years ago) published autobiography. I was surprised how literate and intelligent in ways beyond guitar playing he is, especially considering his bad boy image, well deserved but also inflated.

His take on drugs, and whether they are a problem is truly refreshing. He has done a lot of drugs over the years, when he wanted to do so, and not so much when he didn't want to and the only "drug problems" he ever had was with the MAN - as some cops at times made him almost a hobby to try and bust and harass. Being a rich and intelligent WHITE MAN, he was able to deal with the authorities in any jurisdiction that gave him grief.

The Mound of Sound said...

Actually, Koot, I can't tell you how I did it but I got the book a few days before release. I raced through it and enjoyed every page. It's a great companion to "Old Gods, Nearly Dead."

And, as for me accidentally hurting myself, up yours. Ha, ha, ha. I know one thing. Neither one of us is getting any damned younger.