Saturday, December 22, 2012

John Baird's Black and White World

Harper ForMin John Baird doesn't like ambiguity.   When it comes to foreign affairs he views the world as black or white.  No time for trifling shades of grey.  You're either a good country or a bad country and nothing in between.

In a wide-ranging end-of-year interview with Postmedia News on Friday, Baird said the federal government won’t tolerate excuses for those who engage in terrorist activities, and that Canada will continue supporting right over wrong.

He also offered no apologies for actions such as supporting Israel, condemning Iran or criticizing the United Nations — even if it means an added danger to Canadians travelling abroad with Maple Leafs on their backpacks.

“We cannot be afraid to take difficult decisions for fear of consequences,” Baird said.

Baird has a predictably infantile view of the world, failing to recognize that his world construct of black and white rarely reflects reality and even less often generates effective results.   

Condemning one country's wrongdoings and absolving the other's similar excesses is not a viable approach to dispute resolution but it is the only approach tolerated by the Harper government. 


Anonymous said...

Canada's fate is now, completely black. We have Traitors and Treason in our midst.

We remember? Harper gave Communist China the right to sue any Canadians, blocking Red China's takeover of Canada? BC miners needed the jobs, in our own damned provinces mines? I am sure everyone knows? How corrupt BC's judicial system is. Remember Gordon Campbell's theft and corrupt sale of the BC Railroad trial? What a farce that was? The BC courts rewarded Red China the right, to take our BC mining jobs.

The same will happen when Harper gives Red China, the takeover of the tar sands too.

If you remember? CSIS warned Canadians about, China's takeover of Canada. Gordon Campbell had given Red China BC, long, long ago.Campbell works for Harper. That's why, BC was specifically mentioned. We saw this coming, a very long time ago. No-one would listen to the people of BC.

Baird is no different than Harper's other, ranting raving Comrade Ministers.

Welcome to Communist Canada everyone.

LeDaro said...

Too bad that they have not invented eye glasses for myopic people.