Sunday, December 09, 2012

Are We Becoming Subdued?

The Occupy Movement came and went.   Yet it was never truly confrontational.   It was vocal, a revolving protest, that, in retrospect, seems more of a whiney lament than a drive to compel change.

Today's Gen X'ers and Millennials seem unaware that the change they're going to need is rarely achieved without a fight especially when plutocracy has displaced democracy as the operating system of the state.  The oligarchs will not willingly yield the political power they have truly "captured" these days.   They know what's coming and they know they will need that power more than ever in the years to come.  They will need a subdued populace.

In The Guardian, Nick Cohen writes that the British have no fight in them anymore.    Are we in the same boat?


thwap said...

Well, while I don't necessarily think it's skillful tactics, I'm not one to wail and gnash my teeth everytime an anarchist throws a rock through a window.

Part of the problem is that people have been brainwashed into thinking that the limited ways of responding to excessive anti-democratic provocations (rioting, yelling, blockades, occupations) are just childish, immature acting-out.

Seriously, just getting into a scum-bag politician's face and yelling at him tends to get the public's dander up against the protester.

How can we have any sort of accountability when lawless governments can count on the public's slavish devotion to civility and decorum.

Kristina D said...

I feel like we are, to an extent. I think it's more of that everything has been so pessimistic for so long...and now people are just trying to put their heads down and get through instead of trying to find ways to thrive.

This is going to create an entire generation of amazing business people like the Great Depression did, in my opinion

I wanted to share a video with you, I think you'll appreciate where it's coming from as much as I do.

Here it is: I hold my faith dear and I think that Jesus had something totally different in mind for Christianity than the hate mongering that goes on.

The Mound of Sound said...

Unfortunately, Kristina, much of Christianity has gone to the right. Most of America's power structure, the one that instutionalizes inequality and ensures its expansion, is avowedly Christian. I don't have much faith in faith to carry the fight.

@ Thwap. I'm hoping that public complacency will be shattered by the fight against Northern Gateway. There are a lot of us, all life-long, law-abiding citizens, who will be prepared to resort to civil disobedience and criminal sanctions to stop this madness. I hope the example will inspire a good many elsewhere to throw off their submissiveness.

Anyong said...

Are We Becoming Subdued?
Since when haven't Canadians been subdued.