Monday, December 24, 2012

American GunNut Strikes Again

This time it happened in Webster, New York.   Volunteer firefighters responding to a house fire were ambushed.   Two of the firefighters were shot and killed.  Gunman later found dead, apparent suicide.

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the salamander said...

Fortress America .. land of the free, home of the brave
where children are shot in their classrooms,
firefighters shot responding to alarms
theatre goers shot in their seats

More and more it seems, a fearful frontier nation..
divided into a 1% and a 99%
further divided into the angry, insane, the murdered

A lobby group.. and a very powerful one at that..
NRA suggests armed guards in every school..
Armed men riding shotgun on fire trucks as well?
Sharpshooters in movie theaters ?
Armored post offices ? Voting stations ? Hospitals?

The attacks seems to be from within
and indiscriminate as far as victim selection
How a deeply divided and confused nation
deals with/accepts that reality must be disheartening.

Though not as extensive or deadly as the daily suicide bombings in public places such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Israel and many other countries.. there seems a relationship.. ie .. attack the innocent, rather than attack the oppressor, the guilty, the criminal. Attack the weak or innocent.. the completely unsuspecting,

Civilization unraveling at the edges.. & in its midst .. explosively.

Funny how the 1% are immune, safe.. opinionated, elected .....