Saturday, December 22, 2012

Steve Harper and that Vision Thing

The most myopic prime minister perhaps in all of Canadian history, Stephen Harper, may have diagnosed his own affliction.

Shortsighted Steve, asked how his evangelist faith affects his decision-making, replied that he prays a lot "to ask for strength and vision."

Judging by how the self-proclaimed professional economist totally failed to see the 2008 global economic tsunami coming, maybe he needs to look elsewhere for vision.   In fact Steve's entire time in power has been marked by a singular lack of vision from Afghanistan, the Great Recession, and the F-35 fiasco to the Tar Sands bitumen cliff, Steve never sees the obvious coming.


Owen Gray said...

Perhaps his prayers are fruitless because he is utterly certain about his sense of vision, Mound.

Real prayers arise from uncertainty.

Anonymous said...

Canadians weren't sure if it was, Herr Harper or Chairman Mao Harper? What we do know is, Harper ain't no Christian. He is far too evil for that.

Harper has given Canada to Red China. If we remember? Harper gave China the right to sue any Canadians blocking Red China's takeover of Canada. Ex BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell works for Harper. Campbell gave BC to Red China long ago. There are BC miners needing BC mining jobs. However, we all remember how corrupt BC's judicial system is. Red China sued the BC miners for all of our mining jobs. The disgusting BC judicial court, gave Red China those BC mining jobs.

We can forget about any resource jobs at the dirty tar sands too. Harper gave those to Red China as well.

Still think we should keep Canada intact? That way China can take Canada over in one fell swoop. Or, should provinces have got the hell out of Chairman Harper's Canada????

Baird is no different than Harper's other ranting raving Comrade Ministers.