Sunday, September 07, 2008

More Conservative Campaign Slogans

Well, with an election called I thought I'd revive some of my campaign gags. So here are some more Conservative election signs I thought up. What are your favourites? Maybe we should get the best ones printed up as bumper stickers?

Cadman Said "No" But Why Let Principles Get In Your Way? Vote Harper

Steve Knows, So Does Brian - "Dead Men Tell No Tales" - Vote Harper

Gag the Canadian Forces, Because We're Winning In Afghanistan - Vote Harper

Steve Will Tell You EVERYTHING You Need to Know - Vote Harper

Gag Environment Canada and Global Warming Will Go Away - Vote Harper

Stephen Harper - the Reform/Alliance/Conservative/Republican Party of Canada - Vote Harper

America's Bound to Have More Wars Before Long - Don't Miss Out - Vote Harper

Steve's Got Canada Under Control, You're Next - Vote Harper

Democracy Is Just A State of Mind - In StevieLand - Vote Harper

Best Friends ARE Whipping Boys - Keep America Happy - Vote Harper

He WAS Created, His Kind Doesn't Evolve - Vote Harper


Erik said...

great idea - I reserved a spot on my car for "Steve Will Tell You EVERYTHING You Need to Know - Vote Harper"

The Mound of Sound said...

Think I'll find out how much it costs to have bumper stickers printed.