Saturday, September 27, 2008

Round One- McCain v. Obama - Even

I expect that everybody was happy with the performance of their guy in last night's presidential debate. My assessment is that viewers saw that debate pretty much according to the leanings they had when they came into it. I can't see that it would have shifted too many voters one way or the other.

One network said Obama won their focus group of undecideds 60-40 but there's no way of knowing how reliable those numbers are, at least not until some serious polling is conducted.

McCain, as expected, took the low road and, at times, looked very much the wizened up Old Geezer, the kind who yells at the kids in the street from his front porch rocker. In my view, Obama wasn't nearly as aggressive as he ought to have been but, of the two, he alone seemed presidential. McCain didn't even look at his opponent. He couldn't look him in the eye as he told some genuine whoppers.
Then again, it was the "foreign policy" debate which the McCain camp maintains is their guy's real strong suit. On that basis it was probably up to McCain to trounce Obama - to put him away - and he didn't do it.

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