Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Great Non-Election

I've decided not to post much, if anything, on the federal election. A couple of reasons for this: One, I live in an area where nobody really cares or even notices. The Reform/Alliance/Conservative incumbent doesn't even appear to have a challenger, Liberal or New Democrat. The second reason is that I don't want to say things about my party or its leader that may be discouraging to others.

So, instead of commenting on the election, I'll just keep on with my favourite axes - the hollow hypocrisy of conservatism, environmental issues and global instability.

See you when it's over.


Anonymous said...

Why so glum big fella? Partisans are so touchy. This country is in good hands with Mr Harper, and, when he's done screwin' around with it I'm pretty sure Mr Rae will do a good job too! You cant have everything your way, and, you cant expect everyone to think the same way you do...what a boring little world that would be. billg

The Mound of Sound said...

Ah, Bill. I guess I'm a bit glum that this seems to be a total non-event out here on the fringes of Canada. I hopped on my motorcycle yesterday and found exactly one and only one campaign sign anywhere in my town. The next sign was 20-clicks down the highway.

It's a non-election called by Harper on non-issues but he'll be slimy enough to come out of it claiming to have received a popular mandate. A mandate on what? He'll tell us later.

I realize you're not troubled by his undemocratic ways. I also realize that apathy extends to a great many Canadians.

Oh well.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you're in a riding where electoral reform would shake things up in a good way. Perhaps you'd care to talk about that issue, since it really is non-partisan.

There are online vote swaps taking place, I think that will continue to be a growing issue of debate and drive the thoughts of electoral reform this time.

A Eliz. said...

Electoral reform like Australia,not New Zealand's

Anonymous said...

Thats funny! Every PM since Lester B has orchestrated the fall of their governments to suit their needs...but all of a sudden now its slimy? Mandates?? Ya...like we all had a great election debate about Trudeau's multi-culteralism policy. Apathy?? That's the word the guys who dont win use, and, its a terrible and pathetic excuse.
I love your last line...I'm not troubled by his undemocratic ways, like questioning people about the validity of their political choice is 'democratic'. You guys still dont get it. You messed up with the HRC, the Gun Registry, Adscam, Paul Martin, Dion, and now the Green Shift. Go get better. Get a better Leader. The country only votes Conservative when you guys get cocky and blow it. John Prine said it best..."quit prayin' for bad luck and knocin' on wood".

Anonymous said...


I know you are not 'doing' the election but you might want to see about pushing this story:

Afghanistan related: