Friday, September 19, 2008

Good Money After Bad - NATO

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates has put the NATO membership on notice that they'll be expected to pick up their share of the costs of expansion of the Afghan National Army.

I know, why don't we just declare the Afghan National Army a bankrupt US investment bank? In the long run it's about as stable and should pay off just as handsomely as, say, Lehman Brothers.

Sorry Bob but we're already $22-billion in the hole on this totally botched adventure. You can pick up this tab.

Meanwhile Brit PM Gordon Brown is passing the begging bowl to raise handouts for Georgia. Sorry Gord, I gave at the office.

According to the Associated Press, Germany and some other European NATO members intend to block further American efforts to get Georgia into NATO this year. Maybe the idea of President Palin slapping on a fresh coat of lipstick and then getting NATO into a shooting match with Russia over Georgia has made some people open their eyes.


Anonymous said...

I believe it is normal procedure to expect client states who are not providing auxilary troops for the colonial wars of an empire to provide tribute instead. We have been here before. See the debate over the Naval Service Bill of 1910.

The Mound of Sound said...

Very nicely put, Doz.