Friday, September 26, 2008

Harper's Petro-Whopper

Yeah, right. Is this like fixed election dates, or accountability, or transparency in government?

Our Furious Leader has - get this - said that, "...if elected in October, the Conservatives will prohibit oil sands companies from shipping bitumen from Canada's oil sands to countries that do not have equivalent emission reduction targets." (National Spot).

So, let's see. I guess that rules out China. Australia is definitely out. Remind me how much of Alberta's bitumen they're getting anyway.

Oh yeah, but what about the States? Well, you see, that's where the hoax part comes in. What did he really say? If they have "equivalent emission reduction targets" they can have all the tar sludge they want. Nobody ever said anything about actual equivalent emission reductions. You just have to announce a "target" that sounds nice.

And, if you don't announce a nice-sounding target, why we'll always be happy to refine the damned stuff here. Harp will make damned sure that Canada's targets leave lots of room for bitumen upgrading plants galore.

One thing we know about Harpo is that he doesn't let things like his word stand in his way when he wants something and he wants the mantle of Energy Superpower so bad he'd say anything. So, given his impressive record of lying his ass off, this assurance is bound to be as empty as Harper's integrity.

Hey Steve, wasn't the election supposed to be next year?

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Beijing York said...

I really wish the various environmentalist watch dog groups would take Harper to task. They seem to be silent in this election. The only environmentalist action I have seen against Harper are two sites promoting strategic voting on the grounds of Harper's horrific record vis-a-vis the environment. What's up with that?