Sunday, September 28, 2008

Top McCain Aide Really, Really Outed

John McCain's problems with campaign manager Rick Davis just keep getting worser and worser.

First there was the problem of Davis serving as an influence peddler to the now ruined mortgage giant, Freddie Mac.

McCain's first line of defence was to claim that Davis had cut his ties with FMac long before he joined the campaign.

Then it came out that, right up to death's doorstep, Freddie Mac kept paying $15,000 per month to Davis' old "consulting" firm, Davis Manafort.
That's Davis (as in Rick) Manafort.

McCain's next line of defence was to claim that his campaign manager had also cut his ties with Davis Manafort before joining the senator's campaign. The reality there was that Rick Davis had supposedly resigned from Davis Manafot but.. there's always a but... he retained his equity interest in the firm.

McCain's people lashed out like cornered rats at The New York Times for leaking that one. But now the Rick Davis calamity is back, this time courtesy of Newsweek.

It goes like this. If Rick Davis severed his ties with Davis Manafort when he joined the McCain campaign, why did he ask that his $20,000 a month campaign salary be paid directly to Davis Manafort? From Newsweek:

"The McCain campaign told reporters the fees were irrelevant because Davis "separated from his consulting firm … in 2006," according to the campaign's Web site, and he stopped drawing a salary from it. In fact, however, when Davis joined the campaign in January 2007, he asked that his $20,000-a-month salary be paid directly to Davis Manafort, two sources who asked not to be identified discussing internal campaign business told NEWSWEEK. Federal campaign records show the McCain campaign paid Davis Manafort $90,000 through July 2007, when a cash crunch prompted Davis and other top campaign officials to forgo their salaries and work as volunteers. Separately, another entity created and partly owned by Davis—an Internet firm called 3eDC, whose address was the same office building as Davis Manafort's—received payments from the McCain campaign for Web services, collecting $971,860 through March 2008.

In an e-mail to NEWSWEEK, a senior McCain official said that when the campaign began last year, it signed a contract with Davis Manafort 'in which we purchased all of [Davis's] time, and he agreed not to work for any other clients.'"

So which is it. Is John McCain no longer capable of discerning the truth or just incapable of telling the truth?


RossK said...


Well, I would suggest it is both; because in the case of serial obfuscators like Mr. McCain who cannot tell, say, Sunni from Shia, or Strong Fundamentals from Financial Armageddon, I'm not sure the two options are mutually exclusive.

(great post, by the way).



Anonymous said...

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