Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Layton to Renegotiate Lumber Deal?

Pssst, Jack. Don't let on but the American housing bubble that drove our softwood lumber exports has burst. The less demand they have for Canadian softwood, Jack, the less likely they're going to give a hoot when you tell'em you're scrapping the lumber deal.

You also might find that the Americans aren't likely to react positively to an ankle-biter right now. They're dealing with some serious, homegrown problems and I don't think your yapping is going to impress these guys.

And then there's the raw log export business, Jack. Are you saying you're going to pull Canada out of the WTO and NAFTA? Unless you're a complete idiot, you must assume you're talking to complete idiots. You know full well that our hands are tied on the raw log export problem. We surrendered the right to require those logs be processed in Canada.

Are you an idiot, Jack?

1 comment:

Carrie said...

yes, Layton is an idiot.

Loved the ankle-biter bit :) lol
Very apt.